Strain Integrity

From Sugarbud, ” Like Mule Fuel, Sugarbud Krypto Chronic #2 was phenotyped from the Company’s extensive genetic library and is exclusive to Sugarbud. With a strain lineage of Alien Cookies x Fruity Pebbles OG x Jet Fuel Gelato, Krypto Chronic #2 presents a Terpinolene forward terpene profile with aromas of sweet citrus and ice cream cake, wild musk and sweet diesel fuel. Consumers can expect medium flower size, dense sugary buds with dark hues of purple, green and orange, coated in greasy, high density trichomes.

Note:  Mouth watering genetics.

Be productive

Krypto Chronic #2 by Sugarbud Craft Grower Corp. packaged on April 21, 2021, cost $38.50 for 3.5 grams with 22.36% THC and a refreshing floral with faint lime scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

This “high” starts with a cerebral awakening sharpening our focus with a purposeful joyful intent.  Before the inhalation session ended, euphoria became a “Thing.”  Everybody is here.  We have joy, clear euphoric focus and creative optimism with a healthy dose of time dilation for good measure.  This is a working person’s “high.”  The Sun is shinning and the birds are chirping.  Let’s get to work.

Krypto Chronic #2 is a motivational and energetic strain that should satisfy the Wake & Bake fans.  And, got to love the name “Krypto Chronic #2.”  For us, Krypto Chronic #2 delivered a very enjoyable functional and productive “high.”  The first hour was a mesmerizing euphoric “high.”  At the start of the 2nd hour, the drop in intensity was barely noticeable.

Activity pairing is best during the day or when an energizing boost is required.  Krypto Chronic is an excellent Wake & Bake strain.  Use for enhancing productivity.


Krypto Chronic #2 by Sugarbud Craft Grower Corp.

Krypto Chronic #2 by Sugarbud Craft Grower Corp. is a strain available at CannMart.  Our review of Prenup and Mule Fuel by Sugarbud sparked our curiosity to explore more Sugarbud cultivars.

THC:  22.36%

Total Terpenes:  2.0%

Quality:  8.6

Intensity:  8.5

Duration:  8.4

Total:  8.5

Cost:  $38.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Hrm.  MTL Sage N Sour just dropped 14 grams for $114.95.  Spinach’s Diesel is also a very good Wake & Bake strain for $53.75 for 7 grams.  For those interested in Medical cannabis, here is our article on how to go Medical.

On an investment note, legacy micro-cultivators selling their production through Citizen Stash, Indiva, BZAM and Delta 9 to name a few bigger LPs Brands, should think about alternative service where they can nurture their own Brands.  Like Shelter Craft, CannMart has an opportunity to be more active in helping these legacy micro-cultivators build their own Brands in medical and recreational markets.