Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Golden Goat was created by accident in Topeka, Kansas, when a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated Mr. Dank’s Island Sweet Skunk. The scent is described as being a combination of sweet, sour, and spicy, with a tropical fruit flavor. Its full-body effects provide a delightful rush of euphoria and creative spark. Golden Goat’s flowering time is 9 to 11 weeks, with a golden appearance closer to harvest.

From the OCS, ” No mistakes, just happy accidents. Gilded Grams is RIFF’s unique take on Golden Goat, which was the result of an unplanned pollination event between Hawaiian-Romulan and Sweet Skunk strains. This blessing in disguise takes on a unique golden appearance closer to harvest and oozes fruity aromas with hints of sour and spice. Consider this a golden opportunity to try something new…

Summer Time High

Gilded Grams (Golden Goat) by RIFF (Tilray) packaged on June 14, 2021, cost $28.00 for 3.5 grams with 23.824% THC and a light lemon floral scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

Golden Goat’s “high” starts during inhalation with a euphoric awakening of our senses.  The “high” continues after inhalation with an accelerated sense of purpose and a strong cerebral ignition.  As we approach the 15 minute mark, a euphoric creative energized “high” coupled with strong time dilations overwhelmed our senses.  The Golden Goat is here.

Golden Goat is one of our favourite Sativa Wake & Bake strain.  This Golden Goat delivered what we expected, a bright vibrant euphoric and creative “high.”  With the right dosage, this Golden Goat can be weaponized to be a productivity tool.  Other Golden Goat’s expressions include joyful optimism and a sense of curiosity, which are key to weaponizing the “high.”

Activity pairing is best during the daytime slots.  Golden Goat is a classic wake & bake strain that goes well with any activity.  Just like coffee, it is not recommended to consume Golden Goat before bedtime.


Gilded Grams (Golden Goat) by RIFF (Tilray)

At the upper end of the THC range, this Gilded Grams (Golden Goat) by RIFF is fresh with a bounce to the squeeze delivered everything we expect from a Golden Goat.  This uplifting vibrant Sativa delivers a classic wake up “high” to spark some Summer time “high.”

THC:  23.824%

Quality:  8.3

Intensity:  8.2

Duration:  8.2

Total:  8.23

Cost:  $28.00 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  If there were 7 grams or larger options, we would be interested in repurchasing.  Note our purchase price from a local brick and mortar cannabis retail store was cheaper than the Provincial OCS price of $32.95 for 3.5 grams.  Check out your local cannabis retail stores for this Gilded Grams from RIFF.

On an investment note, in the last 6 months, we found our repurchase of RIFF products have been disappointing with lower THC and extremely dry products.  With the entry of micro-craft cultivators, the larger LPs have to pickup their game, or risk holding unsaleable cannabis.  This Gilded Grams (Golden Goat) by RIFF is competitive, a step in the right direction.