Strain Integrity

From FLOWR, ” Dark green. Deep purple. Formulated by the crossing of Black Cherry Pie and Purple Punch genetics, BC Black Cherry Punch is a high THC, Indica-dominant cultivar flaunting violet leaves and bright orange pistils. With a unique profile that offers pungent aromatics reminiscent of freshly baked goods.

According to Leafly, ” Black Cherry Punch is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Purple Punch with Black Cherry Pie. This strain produces calming effects that are mentally relaxing, but make you feel physically tingly. Black Cherry Punch is not recommended for consumers with a low THC tolerance, as the potency of this strain generally hovers around 20%. Descending from a dessert strain, you can expect a loud flavor profile full of sweet cherry flavors and floral undertones. Medical marijuana patients choose Black Cherry Punch to help relieve symptoms associated with chronic stress, chronic pain, insomnia and depression.  ”

A Cherry Bomb!

BC Black Cherry by FLOWR packaged on April 6tth, 2021, cost $34.95 with 22.0% THC and a sweet floral cherry scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” starts with a growing euphoric awareness, which quickly turn to a torrential euphoric shower.  Instant relaxation takes over and blissful relief rules the day.  Did we just drop a chill pill?  There is a calmness in the air with the environmental volume turned down the Cocoon of Blissfulness enveloped us in a timeless space.  The couchlock effect can be overwhelming … just the way we like it.

This BC Black Cherry is another validation of FLOWR as a premium cannabis producer.  BC Black Cherry layering of expressions started with euphoria, tranquilizing body effect, blissful joy and happiness in a creative mix. For the first half hour, we were paralyzed by a crushing euphoric transformation.  The second hour of BC Black Cherry gave us a more functional mental state while still euphorically tranquilised.

Activity pairing for this potent Indica is best in the evening time slots.  BC Black Cherry by FLOWR is a perfect closer to end a hectic day.


BC Black Cherry by FLOWR

This BC Black Cherry by FLOWR review was motivated by a Sale from a local B&M retail store.  FLOWR is a premium cannabis producer that have had very limited visibility in the Ontario marketplace.  FLOWR flowers are non-irradiated.  This BC Black Cherry is a Cherry Bomb!

THC:  22.0%

Quality:  8.7

Intensity:  8.5

Duration:  8.3

Total:  8.5

Cost:  $34.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes, we would consider buying 7 grams.  This BC Black Cherry by FLOWR is a mind bending “high” with paralyzing couchlock effects.  Enjoy.

On an investment note, with a trailing 12 month revenue of $10.4 million and a cost base of $21.8 million, we can only imagine FLOWR’s challenging road ahead.  Clearly, investors in FLOWR need to have strong internal fortitude.