Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Zookies is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Animals Cookies and Original Glue. The result is a level-headed strain that is as delicious as it is potent. This strain has a unique terpene profile, aroma, and flavor of sweet nutty cookies with a hint of diesel. Zookies is a great choice for someone looking for a strong high without getting stuck in the couch.

From the OCS website, ” Flint & Embers’ Zookies (Animal Kookies x Gorilla Glue) is a punchy indica-hybrid flower with an unmistakable smell – smooth nutty flavours, dotted with vanilla bean and a hint of tropical citrus. Naturally grown in microclimate conditions inspired by the unique environments each plant thrives in – Zookies is hand-harvested, hang-dried, hand-trimmed and then carefully sorted and packed to capture the best bud. These frosty flowers are completely coated in trichomes from tip to tip and feature a dense forest green flower structure, spotted with wavy orange pistils. ”


Zookies by Flint & Embers (MJardin Group) packaged on October 1st, 2021, cost $34.95 for 3.5 grams with 23.11% THC 2.35% Total Terpenes and an earthy herbal piney scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” starts with copious amount of euphoria during and after inhalation.  A euphoric whirlwind assaulted on our senses and created a sense of urgency.  There’s panic in the air as Time collapse on itself.  The first 10 minutes is not for the faint of heart.  Luckily, blissfulness unfolds 5 minutes later to squelch all our anxieties.  Yum.  What an eventful launch as we settle in for some quality cruise time.

This Zookies by Flint & Embers is a “Ripper.” The first 45 minutes was an Epic movie experience.  The second hour of Zookies is a relaxing euphoric drift into the Sunset.  Welcome to ZookieLand where the euphoric zombies live.

Activity pairing is best in the later part of the day.  Going out with friends?  Surprise them with Zookies.  We like the idea of Pandemonium in a crowd.

Strain Integrity

Zookies by Flint & Embers (MJardin Group)

Zookies by Flint & Embers (MJardin Group) is a hard hitting “high” with the ability to terraform reality into ZookieLand where euphoric zombies live.  Powered by 23.11% THC and 2.35% Total Terpenes, this Zookies deliver da Goods.

THC:  23.11%

Total Terpenes:  2.34% (Caryophyllene 0.81%, Farnesene 0.30%, Limonene 0.35% and Other 0.89%)

Quality:  8.7

Intensity:  8.6

Duration:  8.5

Total:  8.6

Cost:  $34.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  We like to see the quarters, halves and Ozs.  Fans of heavy couchlock “highs” should enjoy Zookies.  It is nice to see pricing around the $10 a gram, which is the Legacy pricing benchmark for Top Shelf.

On an investment note, feverishly behind the scene, Bank of Nova Scotia restructured MJardin’s $152.79 million debt to avoid booking a large loan loss.  We do not think MJardin can ever repay Bank of Nova Scotia despite producing some fine cannabis like Zookies. The Drama continues.