Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Peyote Wifi is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing WiFi and Peyote Purple. This strain tastes like earthy diesel. The effects of Peyote Wifi will relax your mind and body.

From the OCS website, “ Lime green accented with orange hairs, Sour Sis is a sativa-leaning cultivar cross of Peyote Purple and White Fire OG. A true sour, Sous Sis has strong citrus undertones, enhanced by a 21-one day cure in stainless steel CVAULTs. Hang-dried and hand-trimmed.


Sour Sis  (Peyote WiFi) by FLOWR Underground Series (FLOWR) packaged on October 27th, 2021, cost $49.95 for 3.5 grams with 28.5% THC and a faint earth floral scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” comes on with an understated intensity because we immediately lost 10 minutes.  Sour Sis is a very Clear Headed “high” to start.  As the euphoric intensity dials up, creativity demanded our full attention resulting in a mental gridlock.   This 28.5% THC is doing major damage while giving us a False sense we are still in control.  Twenty minutes later without a sense of Time, we were not in control.  And, there is a sense of Joy.

In real world testing on a shopping trip run, we found ourselves walking around the aisle mindlessly for half an hour.  Sometimes, we would be standing in the middle of the aisle just starring at the shelves.  We could barely remember the 3 items on the shopping list.  Sour Sis’s “high” was extremely dysfunctional, which was absolutely wonderful.

Activity pairing is best to create a supernatural event.  Sour Sis is a strain that brings an intense euphoric clarity with joyful energy, which goes well with everything.  Do not consume before bedtime.


Sour Sis (Peyote WiFi) by FOWR Underground Series (FLOWR)

Sour Sis aka Peyote WiFi by FLOWR Underground Series has an overpowering debilitating  “high” profile powered by 28.5% THC.  Sour Sis “high” is a clear headed intense euphoric discombobulation.  Enjoy!

THC:  28.5%

Quality:  8.9

Intensity:  8.7

Duration: 8.6

Total:  8.73

Cost:  $49.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Maybe.  For a similar quality “high,” try Organicraft Platinum Grapes, which is also cheaper.  But, this is Peyote WiFi.  If you have not tried this strain, Peyote WiFi is worth sampling.

On an investment note, FLOWR recently became the grower and distributor for the Cookies brand in Portugal.  The Cookies brand is also grown by a number of other craft growers in different geographical regions.  This highlights the importance of Genetics as exemplified by the brand “Cookies.”