Strain Integrity

From Joint Venture Cannabis, ” Nuken Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant aeroponically grown strain. The flush is second to none, leaving you with a smooth even burn and pure white ash! Our large sweet smelling big purple colas are hand manicured in an extremely clean environment and never sprayed or irradiated. Chuck and Loree would never let anything degrade the fruity flavour or energized high this bud offers.

The aeroponic method utilized by Kootenay Aeroponic Inc. decreases the potential for pests and increases crop yields but most importantly provides the finished product with superior flavour, burn, and efficacy. Pristine glacier fed water systems are used to gently mist the root zone, and because our plants are grown without the use of soil or soilless mediums, we are able to flush residual fertilizers out of the plant more efficiently and effectively.

According to Leafly, ” Nuken is an indica marijuana strain from Canada bred by crossing Shishkaberry and God Bod. Nuken delivers balancing effects alongside a sweet, earthy aroma of fresh herbs and grass. This strain typically leaves you feeling stoned, but functional enough to still enjoy hobbies and the company of friends. Growers say Nuken blooms with round, dense buds that are covered in a blanket of crystal resin. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with anxiety.

Productive Bliss

Nuken Sour Diesel by Kootenay Aeroponics (BC Black) packaged on July 19th, 2021, cost $38.99 with 22.5% THC 2.82% Total Terpenes and a sweet creamy floral lavender scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” starts with a steady rise in euphoric and creative mental recalibration.  Over the first 15 minutes, there is a sense of excitement tempered with blissfulness for a smooth relaxing joyful lift.  Time disappears.  Music never sounded better.  With blissful thoughtfulness, Nuken Sour Diesel delivers a euphoric trance best enjoyed as a special “Me” time.

In real world testing, Nuken Sour Diesel is a productive sedative euphoric bliss strain.  Our walk and shopping experience was an exercise in euphoric surrealism.  Reality takes on a blissful magical quality with introspective thoughtfulness.  The Nuken’s bliss with the Sour Diesel’s cerebralness is a joyful combination.

Activity pairing is best anytime as a blissful coffee replacement.  Nuken Sour Diesel by Kootenay Aeroponics is a strain for relaxing and contemplative moments to refresh and rejuvenate.


Nuken Sour Diesel by Kootenay Aeroponics (BC Black)

This is the last of our British Columbia craft grower reviews sparked by our curiosity “Is the Grass Greener in BC?”   Fans of hybrid sativa like Blue Dream, or Jean Guy, should resonate with Nuken Sour Diesel by Kootenay Aeroponics.  While the Grass may not be greener in BC, there is a lot more different types of Grass.

THC:  22.5%

Total Terpenes:  2.82%

Quality: 8.7

Intensity: 8.6

Duration: 8.4

Total: 8.57

Cost:  $38.99 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  No. Kootenay Aeroponics is not widely available in Canada, or British Columbia.  Dim Mac from Carmel, however, produces a similar “high” that is both productive (cerebral) and blissful.

On an investment note, there is an estimated 2,500 small-scale cannabis producer in British Columbia at time of legalisation.  Kootenay Aeroponics is one of the those thousands of craft growers in British Columbia, or ankle bitters as defined by CEO of Tilray.  To the thousands of craft growers, it is Time to move from Legacy to Legal.