Strain Integrity

From Tribal, ” Cuban Linx is a hybrid strain of cannabis that tends to be sativa leaning. With its refreshing lemony aroma and diverse terpene profile, this genetic is most appreciated when looking for a euphoric, stimulating boost in creativity. The elevated THC levels offer a high that can be appreciated in both the body and the mind.

Cuban Linx was bred by crossing TK Skunk and Trigerian. The result is a huge bud with a shape that resembles corn on the cob. With both parents being elevated in THC, it is no surprise that Cuban Linx provides a euphoric and full-bodied high.

This strain is most commonly known to provide a euphoric, uplifting high. It is ideal when seeking a stimulating boost in creativity with minimal effects on lucidity.

Cuban Linx offers an energizing, euphoric high, even for more experienced cannabis users. “

Lucid Highs

Cuban Linx by Tribal (Cannara Biotech Inc.) harvested on November 22nd, 2021, and packaged on December 10th, 2021, cost $34.95 for 3.5 grams with 27.54% THC 3.4% Total Terpenes and a strong Lemony scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

Cuban Linx’s “high” started with a civilized pace towards a euphoric future until suddenly it is not civilized anymore.  In 5 minutes, the “high” took a sharp turn into the deep end.  Boom!  Our minds are buzzing with euphoric franticness.  There is Excitement in the Air with happiness.   Wide eyed bushy tailed we are Ready for action. With maximum Time distortion effect, the presence of 27.54% THC and 3.4% Total Terpenes for a combined 30.94% Total Cannabinoids is a Magical experience.

In real world test, Cuban Linx’s “high” is very functional despite intense euphoric sensory enhancements.  Cuban Linx’s clear wakeful creative and mindful “high” create a sense of Surrealism.  Cuban Linx is a weaponizable strain for productivity.

Activity pairing is best during the daytime slots.  Cuban Linx delivers very strong debilitating euphoric effects with lucid awareness, a rare trait in cannabis “highs.”


Cuban Linx by Tribal (Cannara Biotech Inc.)

Cuban Linx by Tribal (Cannara Biotech Inc.) is a very strong hybrid sativa with a Lucid “high” experience.  The Mac-1, Sour Jack and Cuban Linx are some of the most expensive cleanest clear minded and creatively euphoric strains.  There is a tendency to underestimate the degree of debilitation because Cuban Linx is also functional.

THC:  27.54%

Total Terpenes:  3.4%

Quality:  9.1

Intensity:  8.8

Duration:  8.6

Total:  8.83

Cost:  $34.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.   Tribal description of Cuban Linx’s lucidity is on point.  Cuban Linx delivers an intense wakeful euphoric experience while maintaining lucidity, which is a rare and wonderful trait.  Comparable strains with Lucidity can include Weather Texada Lavender, Secret Mintz, and Mac-1, to name a few.  These are great strains for studying.  (Note:  Our Original recommendation was “No” because of of a pricing Error of $54.95.  Clearly, this is really good stuff.)

On an investment note, Tribal is a craft grower based in Quebec owned by Cannara Biotech Inc..  Tribal has only three strains, Gelato Mint, Cuban Linx and Do-Si-Dos.  Cannara Biotech Inc.’s value brand Nugz produces Ozs and hashish.  Cannara Biotech is a public company.