Strain Integrity

From Backcountry Harvest Organics, ” God’s Green Trip is a classic BC cultivar, bred from God’s Bud and Green Crack (Cush).  Our plants were grown organically in the Fraser canyon of BC.  Whole plants were frozen at harvest and gently agitated in ice water to isolate trichomes. Anthocyanins in the trichomes give this hash a darker complexion with purple trichomes visible under magnification.  The illustrious genetics of this strain, couple with our unique terroir, creates a rare terpene profile dominated by B-caryophyllene, a-cedrene, and terpinolene. 

Trippy Psychedelic “High”

God’s Green Trip Bubble Hash by Backcountry Harvest Organics packaged on August 7th, 2021, cost $26.34 for 1 gram with a strong gassy floral lime scent.  Our test amount was 0.10 gram.

The “high” started during a 20 minute inhalation session because we keep forgetting to inhale.  At the middle of the session, we were experiencing gut wrenching Euphoric Lifts.  By the end of the inhalation session, we were WIDE EYED euphorically infused looking down from Mt. Everest.  Euphorically caffeinated, God’s Green Trip Bubble Hash  54.5% THC 7.1% Total Terpenes 3.6% CBG is a Trippy psychedelic “high.”  Totally surreal.

At 0.10 grams, which translates to over 20+ hits, based on our low temperature consumption methodology, God’s Green Trip Bubble Hash’s “high” was solid for almost two hours.  All we really needed was 4 hits to achieve maximum effects before bounded by “The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility.”

Activity pairing is best during the day time slots because God’s Green Trip Bubble Hash delivers a wakeful sativa “high.”  With the right dosing, God’s Green Trip Bubble Hash is a weaponizable “high” that can be use for productivity.


God’s Green Trip Bubble Hash by Backcountry Harvest Organics

While the majority of Canadian hashish have been disappointing, bubble hash, however, captures the Old Country hash “highs” from Morocco, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Nepal.  God’s Green Trip Bubble Hash would be similar to a fine Moroccan hashish experience.  And, bubble hash at this price is a Buy.

THC:  54.5%

Total Terpenes:  7.1%

Quality:  9.6

Intensity:  9.3

Duration:  9.0

Total:  9.3

Cost:  $26.34 for 1 gram (On Sale)

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Originally available from Shelter Market, now closed, we hope this God’s Green Trip Bubble Hash shows up on the OCS?  There are other Bubble hash options like RC Jazzberry Pressed Ice Hash?  For regular hash, we recommend Mood Ring’s Legacy Hashish.  But, bubble hash is worth trying.

On an investment note, Backcountry Harvest Organics runs an impressive outdoor cannabis farm.  They make excellent Bubble Hash.  Getting to market and branding is the challenge.  The Rules have to change and 2022 is the Year to do it.