Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” Upon opening the jar, you will be hit with a decadent wave of lemon zest. After that initial wave, the complexity of the bouquet sets in with some spicy and sweet undertones. The bright green coloured flowers are dense and coated in trichomes. Vibrant orange hairs and faint purple accents make this cultivar look as good as it tastes. We are extremely excited to round out our list with this latest addition to the line-up. Hang-dried and hand-trimmed to preserve aroma and flavours.

According to, ” Frozen Lemons (aka CFL) is a mostly sativa variety from Capulator and can be cultivated indoors. Capulators Frozen Lemons is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds. Cap’s frozen lemons is a cross between Freezer Burn x Lemon Fire that has a super pungent lemon odor with a snow cone backend smell on it that is absolutely extraordinary, Tastes exactly how it smells, and for the effects I would say very euphoric, mild sedation, focused, happy, and creative as all get out. This strain is very beneficial for stress issues, anxiety, ptsd and more.

Meds for Creativity

Frozen Lemons by Msiku (AtlantiCann Medical Inc.) packaged on January 18th, 2022, cost $33.89 for 3.5 grams with 22.3% THC and a sweet floral lime scent.  Out test amount was 0.26 grams.

Frozen Lemon’s “high” starts with an effervescent euphoric shift in reality.  With a wide awake euphoric consciousness, Frozen Lemon’s “high” delivers Sunny optimism powered by creative curiosity is a wonderful state of Being.  The first 15 minutes was a complete euphoric transformation of reality to a captivating state of creative enlightenment.  This is great medicine for the creatively challenged.

Past the first hour, the intensity drop was barely noticeable.  In a real world test, Frozen Lemons delivered a wakeful euphoric awareness with creative intent, which allowed us to get everything done without skipping a beat.  Frozen Lemons’ “high” was very functionable.

Activity pairing is best as a coffee replacement.   Frozen Lemon delivers a mindful and wakeful euphorically creative state of Being.  Use liberally.


Frozen Lemons by Msiku (AtlantiCann Medical Inc.)

Frozen Lemons is a strain by Capulator creator of MAC-1.  There is some creative Magic inside Frozen Lemons by Msiku.  The only negative was being underweighted by 0.18 grams, which is just annoying.

THC:  22.3%

Quality:  9.0

Intensity:  8.6

Duration:  8.6

Total:  8.73

Cost:  $33.89 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  We are suitable impressed with Frozen Lemons by Msiku.   Frozen Lemons’ “high” is similar to Amnesia Haze, Cuban Linx, and  Organic Lime Mi’jito.  Frozen Lemons is a Keeper.

On an investment note, more potency and cheaper cannabis are no longer enough to keep consumers’ attention.  Now, new strain is key to keeping revenues flowing.  And, everyone is doing it with major refreshes to their product lines.  Support your local craft growers.