Strain Integrity

From EastCann, “ Organic Crunch Berry Kush – also known as Crunchberries, Crunch Berry Kush or Captain Crunch – is an indica dominant hybrid owing its distinct sweet berry aroma to its parent, the award winning Blueberry. The nose on this cultivar is a scintillating tangy/sour affair infused with touches of vanilla, fresh hazelnuts and pin. The flavour is a remarkable fruiting bouquet that leaves a pleasant after-taste reminiscent of your favourite childhood cereal.

The high is energizing and euphoric and gradually drifts off towards a chilled out haze as it runs its course. With a state of relaxation being the guaranteed end game here, users recommend that Crunch Berry best be indulged in towards the end of the day.

According to Leafly, ” Bred by Exotic Genetix, Crunch Berries is a cross between DJ Short’s famous Blueberry and a male Triple OG. With two famous strains in the mix, Crunch Berries will surely offer something unique. This delicious strain has an OG gassy terpene profile backed by a sweet blueberry influence. Crunch Berries is perfect for a sunny day in the park or a hike in the woods. 


Organic Crunch Berry Kush by EastCann packaged on January 18th, 2022, cost $33.88 for 3.5 grams with 28.092% THC and a medley of mild floral earth piney scent.  Out test amount was 0.26 grams.

Organic Crunch Berry Kush’s “high” starts with a trumpet blaring euphoric blast.  Immediately after inhalation ends, the “High” takes off on a trajectory to Outer Space.  Bye Bye Earth!  Our mental space overwhelmed with intense euphoric joyful excitement  disengaged from Reality totally unhinged.  We were totally surprised.  In 15 minutes, we got CRUNCHED.  Nice.

In the great outdoors, Organic Crunch Berry Kush delivered a psychedelic euphorically blissful dissociative “high” to produce a surreal experience.   With short term memory impairment, the “high” produced a Trippy feel where we just appear at different places at different times.  Expect 2+ hours of medication from Organic Crunch Berry Kush.

Activity pairing is best in the evening time slots.  Organic Crunch Berry Kush delivers disorientating euphoric pandemonium to crush Reality.  Worth checking out.


Organic Crunch Berry Kush by EastCann

Organic Crunch Berry Kush by EastCann with 28.1% THC delivered a “WOW” intense unique “high.”  Organic Crunch Berry Kush’s disorientating Heady “high” is the main theme.  Worth checking out given the reasonable pricing.

THC:  28.092%

Quality:  9.0

Intensity:  8.8

Duration:  8.6

Total:  8.8

Cost:  $33.88 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Organic Crunch Berry Kush is a strain that should resonate with everyone.  The only negative is a potential intense disorientation from Reality causing discomfort … a sign of quality?

On an investment note, ” We are a small group of legacy growers situated in the City of Lakes, Dartmouth NS. We have 20 years’ worth of experience cultivated in the West and brought it home to the East because we CANN. ”  Welcome!