Strain Integrity

From Ghost Drops, ” The Ghost Drops cut of Z-Splitter was bred by Uprising Seed Co, hunted by Cultivating Happiness at Mother Labs and grown by ultra-premium craft micro-producer, Natural Earth Craft Cannabis. Buds are typically large, light green in colour and feature an array of brilliant golden pistils protruding from of a dense layer of trichomes. Z-Splitters overly pungent stench of gas is noticeable as soon as the seal on the jar is broken and its flavour carries citrus notes with a clear reminder of its gassy roots on the exhale.

Lineage: Zkittlez x Atom Splitte

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Z-Splitter by Natural Earth Craft Cannabis (Ghost Drops) packaged on February 28th, 2022, cost $47.03 for 3.5 grams with 27.148% THC 2.87% Total Terpenes and an exotic earthy floral herbal scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

Z-Splitter’s “high” starts with a tasty inhalation session and immediate subtle euphoric transformation.  The smooth transition to hyper “high” is almost undetectable.   Clear mindful euphoric joyfulness overwhelms our Senses with an understated intensity wiping out our memory without Us knowing.  In this Timeless environment, the World is our Oyster.  Z-Splitter is a truly potent hybrid with undeniable body and mind effects wrapped up in a psychedelic trippy “high.”

In the great outdoors, Z-Splitter’s first 20 minutes was underwhelming.  Then suddenly, we realized we were melting into the pavement and everything went into Slo-Mo mode.  Z-Splitter is an Outdoor Creeper.  Past the first hour, body and mental sedation abated and the “high” transitioned to a blissful energy with euphoric calmness.

Activity pairing is best for adventurous activities.  Z-Splitter delivers a unique “high” with strong Sativa expressions like clear euphoric mindfulness blended with strong Indica body blissfulness.  Get Medicated.


Z-Splitter by Natural Earth Craft Cannabis (Ghost Drops)

A 27.148% THC Z-Splitter caught our attention and rewarded Us with a memorable “high” experience.  Z-Splitter delivered a complex rich “high” with elements of Sativa to start and ending with heavy Indica sedation.

THC:  27.148%

Total Terpenes:  2.87% (Limonene 0.88%, Linalool 0.51%, Beta-Myrcene 0.34%, Beta-Caryophyllene 0.27%, Beta-Pinene 0.15%, Others 0.72%)

Quality:  9.3

Intensity:  8.9

Duration:  8.7

Total:  8.96

Cost:  $47.03 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes, when the 14 grams are available.  Cheaper alternative option may include Kolab’s Slurricane, or RIFF’s Cryo Chronic?  But, this Z-Splitter’s “high” is unique in taste and effects.

On an investment note, Ghost Drops anticipated 14 Grams of First Class Funk @$124.95 is a major event.  Dropping 14 grams at price points below $300 an Ounce is bringing affordability to the Ghost Drops brand.    The cannabis market just got a lot more competitive.  Well Done! Ghost Drops.