Strain Integrity

From High Street, ” The bud so nice we named it twice! This strain is a funk fuelled hybrid and the offspring of Jet Fuel Gelato and White Flow. If you like diesel and sweet, then this aroma drenched strain is right up your alley. These dense, bright green buds are a forest of frosty trichomes, exhibiting a funk that is upfront, but melds into creamy citrus balanced out with lingering petrol. This flower is grown indoors with zero pesticides, hang dried, hand trimmed, and hand packed in batches small enough to treat each plant like they’re family.

Small batch craft.


The offspring of Jet Fuel Gelato and White Flow.

Joyful Euphoric Exuberance

Vanilla Funk Fuel by High Street (Quality Green Inc.) packaged on February 21st, 2022, cost $36.61 for 3.5 grams with 22.1% THC 4.4% Total Terpenes and a strong herbal earthy gassy floral lime scent.  It came in one bud weighting 3.59 grams.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

Vanilla Funk Fuel’s “high” starts with Conviction powered by intensifying Euphoric Excitement.  The acceleration is immediate tempered with a hint of bliss.  Translated, there is euphoric acceleration without anxiety.  At the 10 minute mark, joyful euphoric exuberance is the main theme for Vanilla Funk Fuel’s “high.”  This is a very enjoyable “high” experience.

In the great outdoors, Vanilla Funk Fuel delivered a reality changing “high” that is intensely absorptive in effects.  Vanilla Funk Fuel’s “high” was euphorically disorientating for the first 45 minutes with stronger Indica bliss as Time progress.  This strain is strong enough to overcome the dampening effects on the “high” from the great outdoors.

Activity pairing is best in the latter part of the day.  Vanilla Funk Fuel delivers a “high” experience with a unique blend of euphoric blissful disorientation, cerebral fireworks, joyful disposition and strong time dilations.  Enjoy.


Vanilla Funk Fuel by High Street (Quality Green Inc.)

Vanilla Funk Fuel by High Street (Quality Green Inc.) delivered one of the more memorable and enjoyable “high” that stands out with copious amount of Joyful and Happy Euphoric Sense.  Happiness is a very enjoyable quality.  Pointe Finale.

THC:  22.1%

Total Terpenes:  4.4%

Quality:  9.2

Intensity:  8.8

Duration:  8.6

Total:  8.87

Cost:  $36.61 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes, in 14 Grams.  Other similar “highs” may be found in 1964 Romulan, Grape Galena, or Ark Blue Iguana? But, we do recommend giving Vanilla Funk Fuel a try.

On an investment note, Quality Green Inc. is a private Cannabis producer based in Hamilton, Ontario.  With an awesome Vanilla Funk Fuel, Quality Green Inc. should spruce up their web presence.  Maintaining an informative web persona through a website, Instagram or Twitter account is critical to the Brand.