Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Blue Iguana by Mosca Seeds is a hybrid mashup of Mosca’s award-winning Double Dutch mother and Old Time Moonshine father. This medium-sized plant has a branchy morphology and can benefit from a slightly longer vegetative cycle, leading to large, healthy colas throughout. Its bud structure helped give this strain its name, with buds resembling a large, well-fed iguana. Blue Iguana emits skunky, tar, and earthy aromas that may be challenging on the nose, but exciting on the palate.

From the OCS website, ” Crafted by Lahoja south of Quebec City, in the historic agricultural region of Beauce. Blue Iguana provides skunky, tar and earthy aromas with buds resembling a large, well-fed iguana. A hybrid strain with lineage Double Dutch x Old Time Moonshine. At Lahoja, we practice natural soil grows, hand-trimming, and an extended cure process. Brand Description: Quality cannabis and supporting small businesses go hand in hand. This is why Homage connects you with each craft grower and their story. Because every story is different, and just as meaningful as the next. Every strain. Every grower. Every enthusiast. Each with their own individual identity, worth celebrating. This is why Homage simplifies cannabis for local producers and the people for whom they perfect their craft.

Highest THC Reviewed

Blue Iguana by LaHoja (Rose LifeScience) packaged on April 1st, 2022, cost $39.45 for 3.5 grams with 31.93% THC and 2.9% Total Terpenes with  a mild earthy garlic floral scent.  And, they look appetizing.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

Blue Iguana’s “high” starts during inhalation with Euphoric Bliss.  The “high” builds steadily with increasing intensity of Euphoric Bliss and suddenly it is “ON.”  Strong time dilation disorientation driven by 31.93% THC added to the unfolding euphoric mayhem.  At the 15 minute mark, Blue Iguana delivered a relaxed euphoric blissful chill cocoon to fortify against Stress.

In the great outdoors, Blue Iguana delivered a Blissfully Trippy “high” with a smooth energy for the first hour.  In the second hour, Blue Iguana’s smooth energy “high” transformed to a sedative “high.”  Blue Iguana delivered a medicated “high” for two plus hours.

Activity pairing is best in the latter part of the day time slots.  Blue Iguana is a peaceful euphoric blissful “high” in the fine tradition of a heavy Blue Dream.


Blue Iguana by LaHoja (Rose LifeScience)

At 31.93% THC, this Blue Iguana is officially Our highest THC cannabis reviewed.  And, we prefer the more expensive Arc’s 24.8% THC Blue Iguana, with a stronger cerebral effect component to the “high.”  With 6% more THC and $10 cheaper, however, Blue Iguana by Lahoja is compelling.

THC:  31.93%

Total Terpenes: 2.9%

Quality: 8.8

Intensity:  8.7

Duration: 8.5

Total:  8.67

Cost: $39.45 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Maybe. While we enjoyed Ark’s Blue Iguana more, this LaHoja’s Blue Iguana is a heavier more sedated version.  And, 32% THC is something to be experienced?  We thought so ….

On an investment note, Quebec cannabis producers have our respect delivering strong products at reasonable price points.  Rose LifeScience is a Quebec based cannabis producer, distributor and marketer of compelling products.