Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” How do you make something great even better? You Supercharge it! Cruuzy combines our flavourful Indica flower and the perfect curated rosin to bring Duubyz to the next level. Like extra cheese in your mac or a four-day weekend, Supercharged Duubyz are made for those who want the best — sprinkled with a little more of the best.

Live Rosin Infused

Supercharged Duubyz Indica by Cruuzy (The Green Organic Dutchman) packaged on April 7th, 2022, cost $22.54 for 3 x 0.50 gram Infused Pre-Roll with 28.616% THC and a floral spice pepper scent.  Out test amount was 1 x 0.50 gram Infused Pre-Roll shared between two reviewers.

The “high” starts towards the end of the inhalation session with rising euphoria.  With the excitement of launching off an Aircraft Carrier, the Take Off catapults Our Minds and Bodies to an Alternate Reality with a Concentrate “high.”  With a psychedelic intensity, Supercharged Duubyz by Cruuzy delivers a type of “high” that’s more like hashish, or live rosin, which is why we chose this for review.  Only 28.6%, the “high” is more like a 35% THC hash “high.”

In the great outdoors, Supercharged Duubyz delivered an overwhelming buzzy euphoria with an intense psychedelic wakefulness, a typical live rosin effect.  For full enjoyment, we recommend consuming Supercharged Duubyz when there is Free Time to enjoy the “high” unencumbered by responsibilities.

Activity pairing is best for creating special moments anytime, anywhere.  Supercharged Duubyz delivers a smooth psychedelically enjoyable “high” that’s reminiscence of good hashish.


Supercharged Duubyz Indica by Cruuzy (The Green Organic Dutchman)

Supercharged Duubyz Indica Infused Pre-Roll by Cruuzy (The Green Organic Dutchman) is a milder version of infused pre-rolls, which is actually a good thing.  Some Infused Pre-Rolls are just too strong with “highs” that can be terrifying … even for some of our reviewers.  The specks inside the Infused Pre-Rolls are the Live Rosin.

THC:  28.6%

Quality:  9.6

Intensity:  8.9

Duration:  8.9

Total:  9.1

Cost: $22.54 for 3 x 0.50 gram Infused Pre-Rolls

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  While 28.6% THC is not over the top, Supercharged Duubyz’s “high” was more psychedelic than flowers.  This is one of our favourite Infused Pre-Rolls.  We recommend closing out the day with an Infused Pre-Roll.

On an investment note, with all the hype on Edibles and Beverages, Infused Pre-Rolls are the real deals.  This is where the LPs can differentiate from each other by delivering Earth Shattering “Highs.”  For LPs, there is so much opportunity to be Creative with Infused Pre-Rolls.