Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Highest grade of bubble hash blended with full spectrum honey oil, processed through our proprietary blending and rolling process that will remain intellectual property of Ichor, exclusive from competitors. This product is rich in terpenes with zero additives, zero artificial terpenes or flavours, and all-natural cannabis derivatives. This product is considered “cream of the crop” of the full line of manufacturer hash at Ichor.

Let’s Go Crazy!

Maverick Hash by Statesmen (Ichor Inc.) packaged on May 25, 2022, cost $27.97 for 1.0 gram of Hashish with 62.93% THC.  Our test amount was 0.06 gram.

Maverick Hash’s “high” starts during the lengthy inhalation session.  A clear headed euphoric “high” quickly Locked Down and Immobilized Us with a wide awake creative euphoric sensory overload.  Over the first 20 minutes, this Classic Hashish “high” unfolds potent and paralyzing mind numbing effects to Rip Open the fabric of Space & Time.  This is Old School Hashish “high.”

In the great outdoors, Maverick Hash delivered a clear wide eyed euphoric “high” with a psychedelic energetic flow reminiscent of good old school black hashish.  Maverick Hash blended with premium Flowers for outdoor consumption can be a paralyzing experience.

Activity pairing is best in the evening time slots.  Maverick Hash is a psychedelic Trippy extravaganza to Spice Up Life.  Enjoy the Melt Down.


Maverick Hash by Statesmen (Ichor Inc.)

Maverick Hash by Statesmen (Ichor Inc.) is the Hashish we have been searching for since Legalization.  With 62.93% THC, this Bubble Hash blended with full spectrum Honey Oil is a Must Try.  With only 0.06 gram, using a Pipe, the Mental Destruction was complete.

THC: 62.93%

Quality:  9.9

Intensity: 9.7

Duration: 9.0

Total:  9.53

Cost: $27.97 for 1.0 gram

Would we buy this again? Absolutely, YES.  Bubble Hash at less than $30 a gram?  And, blended with Honey Oil.  Our favourite Bubble hash used to be RC Jazzberry Ice Pressed Hash. or Earthwolf Farms Bubble Hash.  This Maverick Hash is cheap and HARD hitting is Our New Favourite!

On an investment note, the quality of concentrates have been improving dramatically, which is a Big Positive.  Concentrates as a product category offers better shelf life and better experience for consumers … A Win Win for LPs and Consumers.  Let’s Go Crazy!