Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Jack Flash Distillate Applicator allows for precise and measured dosing for dabbing, adding to a bowl or joint, or in a concentrate vaporizer. Jack Flash flower is known for long, dense, compact buds dripping with trichomes. This long flowering strain provides a complex aroma and flavour profile that starts with a strike of citrus, followed by pronounced notes of sweet, juniper, sandalwood and spice. Extensive R&D was conducted on premium Jack Flash flower to ensure Mood Ring Jack Flash Distillate Applicator provides this great, popular flower experience an easy to carry, precise dosing, multi-use format.

A Creative Endeavour

Jack Flash Distillate Applicator by Mood Ring (Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc.) packaged on May 5, 2022, cost $37.28 for 1.0 gram of Distillate.  Our test amount was 0.05 gram on a Mighty Vaporizer.  Jack Flash Distillate was also blended with an assortment of Flowers for review.

After a 15 minute Mighty vaping session on 0.05 gram, the “high” starts with a full mental euphoric jacket and mild roller coaster acceleration coupled with perception disorientation.  Our ambient space is filled with a Euphoric Buzz.  Forty minutes later, or 20 minutes after the vaping session ended, this Jack Flash’s “high” settles down to a refreshing clear mental euphoric state.

When paired with Flowers, Jack Flash Distillate will change the Flower’s “high” profile.  From our experiments, Jack Flash Distillate pairs well with Sativa strains adding a more wakeful and alert euphoric intensity to the “high.”  Blending Jack Flash Distillate with Premium Flowers and Hashish is a creative endeavour with rewarding outcomes.

Activity pairing is best used to infused flowers to create Total Mental Destruction.  Jack Flash Distillate works well as a Concentrate on its own, or as an infused ingredient.  Experiment.


Jack Flash Distillate Applicator by Mood Ring (Neptune Wellness Inc.) is an ingredient best used to create Infused Flowers.  We enjoyed experimenting with different Strains to produce different “high” profiles.

THC:  83.18%

Quality: 8.8

Intensity: 8.6

Duration: 8.5

Total: 8.63

Cost: $37.28 for 1.0 gram Distillate

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  This is our second purchase.  The Only draw back is “the ability to roll a Joint” is a prerequisite to fully enjoying this product.

On an investment note, Neptune Wellness Inc. is divesting the cannabis business and refocusing as a CPG company.  Sadly, the ability to produce Quality products does not mean Success.  Mood Ring will be missed.