Strain Integrity

According to, ” Orange Kush Cake, also known as “OKC,” is a hybrid strain created through a potent cross of (Wedding Cake X Jilly Bean) X (Sour Tangie X Rose Zkittlez X OG Eddy Lepp). Named for its super delicious flavor, Orange Kush Cake is the perfect bud for any sativa lover who’s after a high-powered wake-and-bake … Thanks to these effects and its insanely high 30%+ average THC level, Orange Kush Cake is often said to be perfect for treating experienced patients suffering from conditions such as depression or mood swings, chronic stress, eye pressure or glaucoma, chronic fatigue and ADD or ADHD….

From JOI Botanicals, ” Also known as OKC, Ethos Genetics bred Orange Kush Cake from the lineage ((Wedding Cake x Jilly Bean) x Triangle Kush) x Mandarin Cookies R2. This particular variety was chosen in part for its unique terpene structure bringing rich, complicated aromas of sharp orange, citrus, gas, sour candy, and earthy sandalwood. At Joi we hang dry, hand trim, and cure in stainless steel containers for at least 14 days to ensure a quality finish. Packages are filled by hand and include humidity packs inside to maintain optimal freshness. Enjoi!

Euphoric Sedative Blissful Feeling

Orange Kush Cake by JOI Botanicals packaged on July 25, 2022, cost $43.19 for 3.5 grams with 30.05% THC 2.547% Total Terpenes and a sweet floral berry vanilla scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

The “high” starts with a tasty inhalation session triggering a euphoric awakening.  Like the Rising Tide, Orange Kush Cake slowly envelopes Our Senses with euphoric Bliss as Time does the Macarena dance.  Fifteen minutes later, the Heavy Indica Bliss unshackles Us from Reality to set Us Free.  Nothing Matters Now.  Orange Kush Cake is all about that Euphoric Sedative Blissful Feeling.  For the Young & Restless.

In the great outdoors, Orange Kush Cake’s first noticeable effect is the euphoric multi-channel audio system turning the environment into a orchestral symphony of Life.  The chirping of the birds have never been clearer, or sweeter.  We have the Euphoric Goodness in great abundance.

Activity pairing is best a Main Event for the evening.  Orange Kush Cake delivers a Blissful Narcotic “high.” This is “What you Want?”


Orange Kush Cake by JOI Botanicals

Orange Kush Cake by JOI Botanicals is going to make someone Really Happy.  At 30% THC and 2.547% Total Terpenes, this Orange Kush Cake is Serious Business on Blissful effects.

THC:  30.06%

Total Terpenes: 2.547%

Quality: 9.4

Intensity: 9.1

Duration: 8.7

Total: 9.06

Cost: $43.19 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Maybe.  Similar “highs” include Khalifa Mints, or Cryo Chronic?  But, this Orange Kush Cake’s “high” profile is something special in the Bliss department.  And, this is Expensive.

On an investment note, according to Strathmore Times,  JOI Botanicals journey to the recreational market has been a rocky and challenging experience.  Cannabis distribution, however, is improving with Direct Delivery program for Craft Growers selling to BC and Ontario is focused and streamlining the delivering of craft products for the Ontario market.  The Message from the OCS to Craft Growers, “Ontario wants to be “The Craft Market.” ” Come!