Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Winner of the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, Liberty Haze quickly became popular for its fast flowering time and unique taste. Bred by Barner’s Farm, this cross between G13 and Chemdawg 91 matures as a medium-tall, bushy plant in 8-9 weeks. The buds are lime-green, heavy with crystals, and usually have plenty of red hairs. Consumers like this strain for its refreshing lime taste and its potency. This hybrid can offer uplifting cerebral effects, making it a popular choice for those treating depression and anxiety.

From the OCS website, ” Liberty Haze is the citrusy, sweet sativa dominant strain you have been looking for! A beautiful cross between G13 and Chewdawg that produces vibrant lime green buds covered with a frosty coating of crystals and beautiful little delicate red hairs. Expect a pungent bouquet of skunky lime and fresh citrus. The product is hand harvested, hang dried, hand trimmed and hand packed. This is sativa craft cannabis at its finest.

Elevated View of the World

Liberty Haze by Costa Canna (Cowichan Tribes) packaged on August 15, 2022, cost $45.40 for 3.5 grams with 31.8% THC 5.8% Total Terpenes and a mild earthy herbal floral lime scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

Liberty Haze’s “high” starts with each inhalation increasing a euphoric buzz.  Over the first 15 minutes, Liberty Haze accelerates cerebral flow with a high energy euphoric awareness until Time stops.  At the Peak, Liberty Haze’s “high” is a clear pristine euphoric Elevated View of the World.  There is Vitality in the Air.  We are now Weaponized.  Watch out World.

In the great outdoors, Liberty Haze delivered a Reality changing “high” with an intense euphoric clarity.  This is the type of “high” that is Euphorically Intense Moment to Moment and at the end of the Experience there is no recollection of what happened.  Wake & Bake!

Activity pairing is best as a Coffee replacement.  Liberty Haze delivers an intensely euphoric clear minded, wakeful and cerebral “high.”


Liberty Haze by Costa Canna (Cowichan Tribes)

Liberty Haze by Costa Canna (Cowichan Tribes) is a “High” Powered Weapon for enhancing creativity.  This is an Energetic “high” that can power a Marathon run.  And, Liberty Haze delivers the mouth watering Numbers of 31.8% THC and 5.8% Total Terpenes.  Juicy.

THC:  31.8%

Total Terpenes: 5.8%

Quality:  9.3

Intensity: 8.9

Duration: 8.8

Total: 9.0

Cost: $45.40 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again? Unfortunately, No.  There are cheaper alternatives like Cuban Linx, Denman, Flo, or MacFlurry?  But, this Liberty Haze loaded with THC and Terpenes is a Treat with a Unique “high” Profile.  This is a Strain for the Rich & Famous.

On an investment note, how many First Nation related Cannabis LPs are in the Canadian Cannabis Market?  We have Redecan, Msiku, JBuds, Seven Leaf Med, Atlas Biotechnologies Inc. (Pasqua First Nation, major shareholder), EastCann and Red Market Brand, to name a few.   We can now add Costa Canna to the List.  Very Impressive.