Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, “ Earthwolf Farm’s cannabis oils capture the “live” essence of the cannabis plant by infusing fresh bubble hash directly into organic carrier oils and decarboxylating using our unique TERP reactor technology. The result is an edible oil with a flavour and effect true to the flower it came from. Made with cold pressed organic coconut oil, our Zen oil is a Kush blend to help you relax and unwind. ”

Note: Cannabis Oil/tincture takes about two hours to take effect.  Start with 1 ml, which is equal to about 3 gummy bears at 10 mg each.  We recommend increasing the Dosage at 1 ml increment.  Our review is base on 3 ml per person.  Exercise extreme caution when ingesting cannabis concentrate products.

Warning:  After trying 0.30 ml and 0.60 ml, we have a reader who reported his wife experienced an overwhelming debilitating paralyzing effects with 0.90 ml.  Overdosing from ingesting cannabis concentrate can result in a trip to the hospital.  Measurement is by ml.  Each ml contains 28.4 mg of THC.  Start Slow.  If you are not a regular cannabis consumer, start at 0.30 ml.  Pay attention to your math in calculating dosing. (November 1, 2022)

Enhancing Intimacy

Zen Oil by EarthWolf Farms packaged on July 7, 2022, cost $46.25 for 30 ml with 28.4% THC.  Our test amount was 3 ml per person.

As we waited for the Oil to take effect, we decided to go for a workout in the gym for about 45 minutes.  Coincidentally? With a slight Euphoric awareness, the “high” started at the end of the workout, about 45 mins after ingestion.

Over the next half hour, Zen Oil delivered an increasing tranquilization with euphoric bliss to silence the World unshackling Us from Reality set drifting to Nirvana.  Zen, to be in the Moment and the Essence of Being.  We can do that ….

After 2 hours, Zen Oil exerts its true influence, a mind numbing euphoric stupor with body bliss crushing Time, KushVille.   For oil “highs,” this is “Show Time.”  Turn Up the Music Close Your Eyes and Float to Another Dimension.

This EarthWolf Farms’ Zen Oil effect of Mind Numbing Bliss is different than EarthWolf Farms’ BC Rockstar Oil, which is more Energetically Surreal Euphoria.  To be able to differentiate the “highs” between the Oils is a sign of Quality reflecting the production process ability to capture the unique Terpenes Profile of the Strains.

Activity pairing is best in the evening a few hours before bedtime.  Zen Oil is best for enhancing Intimacy.


Zen Oil by EarthWolf Farms

In our humble opinion, EarthWolf Farms is the Successor to Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation as the best producer of  Cannabis oil in Canada. Whistler Medical Oils sell for $75 to $120 for 30 ml.  EarthWolf Farms’s Zen Oil is half the Price.  EarthWolf Farms is founded by Brishna Kamal, ex-Chief Researcher and Extraction Manager at Whistler Medical.

THC: 28.4%

Total Terpenes: 2.2%

Quality: 9.1

Intensity: 9.0

Duration: 9.5

Total:  9.2

Cost: $46.25 for 30 ml

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  While this is our first published cannabis oil/tincture review, we have tested almost all of Whistler Medical, Gage Cannabis, Redecan, TGOD and Broken Coast oils/tinctures.   With Zen Oil available, it is Time to switch over to EarthWolf Farms Bubble Hash Oil, a new standard in Cannabis Tincture.

On an investment note, checkout Brishna Kamal’s Profile from the Unicorn Cup 2022 list of Speakers.  With an M.Sc. from McGill University and a successful track record in managing molecular, cellular and extraction labs, Brishna and her Partner are worthy of our support in their “Pursuit of Excellence.”