Strain Integrity

From Mendo Medical, ” Atomic Apple is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the potent Triangle Mints X Apple Fritter strains. The perfect high-powered hybrid for any lover of tangy apple flavors, Atomic Apple will leave you feeling an explosion of energy, focus and happiness with each and every toke…. The Atomic Apple high will blast in a few minutes later, launching into your brain with a sense of expansive energy and euphoria. You’ll feel your mind activated with a sense of focus and motivation that gets you moving on any creative task. At the same time, a relaxing body high will wash over you, helping keep your physical form settled while your mind flies further and further into oblivion….

To Disconnect

Atomic Apple by LOT420 packaged on August 25, 2022, cost $141.24 for 14 grams with 26.392% THC 3.82% Total Terpenes and a vanilla cake with a faint earth pine scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

The “high” starts with a release of tension in the body followed by a euphoric mental enhancement.  Without any warning, cerebral distractions appeared and diverted Our Journey into a Time Sink.  Over the first 15 minutes, Atomic Apple delivered a blissful and cerebral “high” with increasing intensity to Disconnect Us from Reality to Drift down that Cerebral Lazy River melting the day away.

In the great outdoors, Atomic Apple delivered a background Euphoric Bliss to modulate Reality into a Stress Free Mode.  After the first hour, Atomic Apple’s “high” evolve into a tranquilizing Body “high.”  Yeah, this is an Underwhelming Experience because an Indica’s “high” really shines Indoor.

Activity pairing is best to transform a dull boring afternoon, or evening, into a cerebral dreamscape.  Atomic Apple delivers a heavier Bliss with Cerebral effects type of “high.”


Atomic Apple by LOT420

Atomic Apple by LOT420 is an interesting “high” with a blend of heavy euphoric Bliss and strong cerebral stimulation.  The net effect is a Couch lock type of “high.”  Just relax and enjoy.

THC:  26.392%

Total Terpenes:  3.82%

Quality:  9.0

Intensity: 8.8

Duration: 8.6

Total:  8.8

Cost:  $141.24 for 14 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  While the LOT420 14 grams are not cheap at $280 an Oz equivalent, LOT420’s 14 grams quality is truly Premium.  This is Legacy quality at Legacy prices.

On an investment note, given the current Cannabis pricing new low of $3.57 a gram, or $99.95 for 28 grams, we must be at the bottom?  $2 a gram?  Despite the bleak pricing trend and LOT420 lofty pricing, we believe there is a place in this world for Quality at a respectable price.