Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Bred & Cultivated in BC. This pheno of Candy Rain x Cherry Punch produces beautifully large, power-iced buds which are dark purple and black. Imagine opening a pack of assorted candy, smashing them all up and taking a whiff.

Mentally Pulverizing

Purple Rain by BLKMKT (Avant) packaged on October 12, 2022, cost $44.50 for 3.5 grams with 30.69% THC 3.0% Total Terpenes with a sweet floral grapey scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

With a Grapey flavour inhalation session, Purple Rain’s “high” starts immediately with a Euphoric transformation.  By the end of the inhalation session, the “high” has Lifted Off and we are no longer on Planet Earth.  Over the first 10 minutes, Purple Rain delivered an intense euphoric down pour complete with all the cerebral embellishments and the collapse of Time and Space.   A Euphoric Blackhole.  Let’s Go Crazy!

In the great outdoors, on a Sunny Cold day, Purple Rain created a Blissful Cocoon out of Our Fluffy Warm Winter coat.  Over the first hour, Purple Rain’s “high” slowly increased the Narcotic effect to Sedate Us.   The potency of Purple Rain’s “high” is Undeniable even in the Great Outdoors.

Activity pairing is best as the Main Event.  Purple Rain by BLKMKT is a Euphoric Bomb to obliterate the Moments.  Party Time.


Purple Rain by BLKMKT (Avant)

Purple Rain by BLKMKT (Avant) is another 30%+ THC Bomb dropping on the Canadian Cannabis Landscape.  Purple Rain is a Mentally Pulverizing “high” for Our Pleasure.

THC:  30.49%

Total Terpenes:  3.0%

Quality:  9.3

Intensity: 9.0

Duration: 8.7

Total: 9.0

Cost: $44.50 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes, when Purple Rain drops on GreenTec at a more reasonable price.  In the meantime, there’s Jelly Breath and Platinum Kush Breath with equally impactful “highs” at much lower prices.

On an investment note, Avant is Scaling Up increasing production capacity by 60% to 185,000 sq. ft. with the acquisition of FLOWR Okanagan.  In a time where downscaling production is the Trend, Avant is bucking that Trend.  Lower the Price and Turn Up the Volume?