Strain Integrity

From, ” Incredible Milk is a combination of two of the strongest flowers experienced firsthand by Apollo’s genetic specialists. It’s comprised of a worked line of Bruce Banner #3 and the Tiger’s Milk (Bodhi) which are both strains that have consistently tested high in THC cannabinoids, 28.35% and 22.81% respectively. It’s no wonder that as of April 2021, she’s the highest THC testing cannabis genetic currently available to the public on Canada’s legalized landscape in seed form. She’s been tested at above 24% THC with a great terpene profile above 3.5%.

From the OCS website, “ Created from crossing Bruce Banner #3 x Tiger’s Milk, Incredible Milk is a sativa-dominant strain with very strong THC potency. A first whiff of Incredible Milk buds will give a pungent sour-skunky aroma followed by a sweet and creamy flavour.

An Adventurous High

Incredible Milk by Divvy (Aleafia Health Inc.) packaged on October 6, 2022, cost $20.85 for 3.5 grams with 24.87% THC and an earth herbal floral hay scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

Incredible Milk is a fast acting strain with the “high” starting immediately during inhalation and rapidly accelerates beyond.  Over the first 10 minutes, Incredible Milk strikes with overwhelming Euphoric Mental Saturation.  Hang On.  Incredible Milk’s “high” brings a Sense of Euphoric Explosive Acceleration and an Out of Focus Buzzing Awareness.  Bam.

Incredible Milk is made for the Great Outdoors.  Starting with a Euphoric Bang, Incredible Milk delivered a psychedelic intensity to the “high” with a Supernatural Euphoric Wakefulness that made Reality a Cerebral Wonderland.  This Incredible Milk is an Adventurous “high.”

Activity pairing is best in the late afternoons, or evenings.  Incredible Milk delivers a Vigorous “high” unlike the other Milk Strains with more Blissful Cerebral “highs.”


Incredible Milk by Divvy (Aleafia Health Inc.)

Incredible Milk by Divvy surprised Us with a Wham Bam “high” unlike any Milk strains we have experienced.  This Incredible Milk delivered an Energetic Disorientating “high.”  Party Time.

THC: 24.97%

Quality:  8.7

Intensity: 8.8

Duration: 8.6

Total: 8.7

Cost: $20.85 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again? Yes.  Incredible Milk had a 75% White Ash burn.  For more Nurturing Milk strains, try Cereal Milk, Mint Cream Cake, and Dairy Cream.  At $20.85 for 3.5 grams, Incredible Milk is a Cheap Bang.

On an investment note, Alefia Health Inc.’s Management has been working hard to right sized the Ship and avoided a delisting from the TSX.  In their Q2/2023 report, Alefia Health is closing their Grimsby Greenhouse cultivation facility to be replaced with other 3rd party growers.  But, Port Perry 2022 outdoor harvest continue to yield improved results.