Strain Integrity

From WeedMe, ” Presenting Weed Me’s Diamond District! Each pack contains three 0.5g pre-rolls, which are composed of a premium sativa flower infused with THCa Diamonds.

A Wipe Out “High”

Diamond District Sativa (Diamond Ventura DAWG) by WeedMe packaged on October 12, 2022, cost $28.12 with 38.45% THC in 3 x 0.50 gram Infused Pre-Rolls with a sweet fruity scent.  Our test amount was 1 x 0.50 gram each.

The “high” takes off immediately with Velocity after inhalation session ends.  Over the first 10 minutes, intense disorientating Euphoric awareness destroys Time and Memory for a Wipe Out “high.”  A complete Victory for Diamond District Sativa (Ventura DAWG) Infused Pre-Roll.

In the great outdoors, Diamond District Sativa delivers a progressively debilitating Euphoria with a Psychedelic Ambiance.  Starting with a clear wakeful euphoric “high,” Diamond District Sativa can transform Reality to a Cerebral Wonderland full of curiosities.

Activity pairing is best as the Main Event of the Day.  Diamond District Sativa (Diamond Ventura DAWG) by WeedMe is a potent “high” that can displace Time & Space.  Party Time.


Diamond District Sativa (Ventura DAWG) by WeedMe

Diamond District Sativa (Diamond Ventura DAWG) by WeedMe is a Potent Disorientating Euphoric “high” to Transform Reality.  With 38.45% THC, there is no denying the “Debilitating Effects.”  And, sometimes that is exactly what we need.

THC: 38.45%

Quality:  9.2

Intensity: 9.1

Duration: 9.0

Total: 9.1

Cost: $28.12 for 3 x 0.50 gram Infused Pre-Rolls

Would we buy this again?  Maybe. Diamond District Sativa (Diamond Ventura DAWG) Infused Pre-Rolls are made for Special Occasions with Friends.  A cheaper alternative Infused Pre-Rolls to consider is Banana Hammock.

On an investment note, according to MJBizDaily, in 1 year Infused Pre-Rolls grew from $1.4 million to $16.6 million per month.  This is a Product Category no LP can ignore.