Unicorn Cup 2022

Unicorn Cup is a Tribal Gathering of Kootenay’s Legacy Growers comparing, sharing, collaborating, networking and celebrating two days of informative seminars and 2 evening of musical celebrations at Rosebud Lake, British Columbia.

Unicorn Cup 2022 hosted informative Speaker Sessions on regenerative growing, extraction technology, Cannabis Law, Branding Buds, accessing the recreational market, Cannabis genetics, herbal blends with cannabis, how to implement seed to sale tracking, Women in Cannabis, the Four Scent Categories of Cannabis and the Heirloom Seed Swap.  Below are some of the Sessions we managed to attend.

Session: Extraction Tech for Solvent & Solventless in Today’s Market

Extraction Tech for Solvent & Solventless in Today’s Market

Noel Liese, Marcus (Bubbleman) Richardson, Mike West discuss extraction techniques.  Our take away: flash frozen techniques compromise terpenes resulting in faster degradation.

Session: From the Frontlines of Legacy to Recreational Retail

From the Frontlines of Legacy to Recreational Retail

One common defining characteristic for a “Legacy Grower” is a past criminal conviction and the uncertainty of a Legal future.  All of the Unicorn Cup’s Speaker Session Panel Members here have past criminal records sharing their journey into the legal market.  Take away: “You can do it.”

Session: Cannabis Genetics Roundtable

Cannabis Genetics Roundtable

The last Speaker Session on Cannabis Genetics Roundtable with Kevin Jodrey, Marcus Richardson and Jameson Welbourn was packed.  In the World of Cannabis, there are 3 Main area of Interest, the Genetic, the Grower and the Consumer.  At the Unicorn Cup, growers and breeders have the opportunity to network and collaborate.

Unicorn Vibes

Landing in Trail, BC is more dangerous than landing in Kathmandu.

Rosebud Lake, B.C., is located about an 8 hours drive from Vancouver, or a 4 hours drive from Kelowna, or a one hour flight to Trail, or Castlegar, B.C..  Landing in Trail was a hair raising experience as the plane gets tossed sideways by the Wind.  This particular flight was prone to weather cancellations.

Unicorn Cup Rosebud Lake

Unicorn Cup Rosebud Lake

Unicorn Cup 2022 located around Rosebud Lake, is a beautiful sight greeting attendees upon arrival at check-in.  There is No Cell Signal at this point.

Unicorn Cup Food & Drinks Vendor

Unicorn Cup Food & Drinks Vendor

Unicorn Cup tribe members @Tranquil Tara Food & Drinks Food Truck was open the entire weekend.  For 2023, the Plan is to have more Vendors on Site.

Unicorn Cup 2022 Tail Gate Party

In addition to the Food Vendors, Unicorn Cup Tail-Gate barbecue have Free Offerings for Friends and hungry Strangers.  After the day Sessions ends, the Music begins from dusk to the early morning.

Unicorn Cup Full Moon Party

Unicorn Cup Full Moon Party

Under a Full Moon, Unicorn Cup 2022 Evening Festivity is all about the Music, a celebration of Life.  With a Shared Euphoric Consciousness dancing to the Rhythm of a Late Summer Night, Unicorn Cup 2022 created a Memorable Time for all.

The Future Unicorn Cup

According to Che Leblanc, Founder of Rosebud Cannabis and The Unicorn Cup, it all started as a Comparison Get Together between a group of local growers/friends.  Over the next 5 years, Unicorn Cup grew to be a Major Cannabis event for Legacy growers, regenerative cultivation and cannabis enthusiasts.  This is a 100% Authentic Canadian Cannabis Culture.

For 2023 and Beyond, Che envision expanding the Music Line Up starting with adding an additional stage for 2023.  Fans of another major local festival, the Shambhala Music Festival, may feel at Home with future iteration of the Unicorn Cup.

In addition to Peer and Community Comparisons, all Unicorn Cup 2023 entries are expected to be Lab tested as part of the Comparison process.  The More Data the Better.

Who should attend?

Craft growers with an interest in regenerative growing will find a Kindred Spirit in this community.  With a focus on sustainability, cannabis cultivation here is a Life Style, not a generational wealth building machine.  Sustainability is Key to Survival.

Legacy Growers who are preparing to enter the Legal market can use the Unicorn Cup to network, collaborate and calibrate their products in Comparison to other Legacy Growers and LPs.  The Sessions can help provide a RoadMap to Legal Cannabis.  And, “You are not alone.”

For the major LPs, this is the Place to source Talented Growers.  The Quality of the Comparison Samples are very High reflecting the skill of the Growers in the Unicorn Cup Comparison.  Check it Out.

Unicorn Cup 2022 Review Kit 1

Unicorn Cup 2022 Review Kit 1

Cannabis Enthusiasts have the opportunity to review in Kit 1 with 37 strains grown by Kootenay’s Legacy Growers, or Kit 2, which has Licensed Producer Flowers, Personal Producer Category of Rosin and Bubble Hash.

And, for the Cannabis Adventurers who enjoy Dancing the evening Away with friends deep in the Kootenay Mountains Under a Full Moon.