Strain Integrity

According to, ” Banana Milkshake OG, also known as “Banana Milkshake OG Kush,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the delicious [(Banana OG X Cherry Pie) X Strawberry Diesel] X Predator OG strains….  The Banana Milkshake OG high is one for the ages, with a unique combination of energizing cerebral effects and sedative physical effects. Your mind will feel activated from start to finish with this bud, filled with a sense of creative energy and focus that gets your mental gears turning in no time at all. While your mind clears, your body will settle into a heavy and hazy state of sedation that’s filled with deep relaxation and an eventual case of couchlock….  ”

From the OCS, ” 100% pure Live Resin vape made from our Banana Milkshake OG – expressing a sweet, mixed citrus fruit profile with light floral notes of wild rose. Banana Milkshake OG is a sun-grown, single source flower extracted with our advanced hydrocarbon process to produce an incredibly pure extract. The result is an aromatic and flavourful Live Resin, retaining twice the terpene content vs. CO2-extracted dried flower, capturing a vivid representation of our Banana Milkshake OG trees at the peak of their outdoor bloom. Contained within a premium AVD 510 Thread cartridge with a 1mm aperture to ensure a smooth and consistent draw with maximum flavour.


BMOG (Banana Milkshake OG) Live Resin Vape by Greybeard (Thrive Cannabis/Aurora Cannabis) packaged on October 25, 2022, cost $54.12 for 1 gram with 73.01% THC 12.52% Total Terpenes.  Our test amount was 5 x 3 seconds draw on a Ccell Silo battery. (Note: we increased the number of draws because CCell does not have a pre-heat function reducing the first two draws effectiveness.)

The “high” starts with each inhalation.   Over the first 10 minutes, an increasing euphoric intensity grows in a Flow with joyful cerebral blissfulness as Time thickens and we Melt into the Air.  Twenty minutes later, at Cruising Altitude, BMOG Live Resin delivered a wakeful euphoric cerebral awareness imbue with curiosity, bliss, empathy and joyful contentment.  BananaVille.

In the great outdoors, this Banana Milkshake OG Live Resin Vape delivered a smooth Bliss of clear energy with a creamy cerebral texture to the “high.”  Translated, the “high” was a clear euphoric blissful “high” with a sense of deep introspection.  Or, it is very enjoyable.

Activity pairing is best as a Super Natural coffee replacement to Drift into Outer Space.   BMOG Live Resin Vape’s “high” is made for Kicking Back and Enjoying the Moment.  This BMOG Live Resin “high” is like a Really Good Flower “high.”


BMOG Live Resin Vape by Greybeard

BMOG (Banana Milkshake OG) Live Resin Vape by Greybeard (Thrive Cannabis/Aurora Cannabis) has successfully captured and intensified the Flower “high.”  This is a Premium Concentrate “high” experience unlike the cheaper Distillate Vapes.  Since a little goes a long way, Quality concentrate is worth paying for.

THC:  73.01%

Total Terpenes: 12.520%

Quality: 9.6

Intensity: 9.2

Duration: 8.7

Total: 9.17

Cost: $54.12 for 1 gram Live Resin Vape

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  While our Preference is Live Rosin Solventless extraction, this is Hydrocarbon Extraction at it’s Best.  This BMOG (Banana Milkshake OG) Live Resin Vape by Greybeard delivers the Full Spectrum effect.

On an investment note, with an abundance of cannabis biomass, the solution is to produce Concentrates like Hashish, Oil, Distillate, Resin and Rosin.  With the availability of higher Quality concentrates at lower prices,  the Bang for your Dollar is now Vape Concentrates.