Strain Integrity

From True Fire Cannabis Co., ” Like everything we do here our Tai Punch is small batch, hand trimmed, hang dried and cold cured.

It’s a hybrid strain, with our average THC percentage ranging from 28%-33%. Our Tai Punch has a few primary terpenes such as carryophellene, farnesene, limonene, pinene and caryophyllene. Our average terpene percentage is 3.4%-4.5%. It has a very distinct fruity/ sweet flavour and is very popular amongst our True Fire team.

Genetics: Sunset Sherbet x Purple Kush

A Mental Spa Treatment

Tai Punch by True Fire Cannabis Co. packaged on November 18, 2022, cost $36.06 for 3.5 grams with 30.563% THC 3.57% Total Terpenes and an Orange herbal earthy scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

With a tasty Orange flavored inhalation session, the “high” starts with a convincing Euphoric Cerebral Bliss launch changing Reality immediately.  Over the first 15 minutes, Tai Punch delivers an increasingly intense Blissful Mind Numbing fog as Euphoria and Creativity flow in Harmony.

In the great outdoors, Tai Punch delivered a smooth Blissful and Cerebral “high” with mild psychedelic overtones in visuals and audio quality.   The first hour disappeared quickly as we traversed great distance in a Surreal World.  Sedation effect appears after the first hour.

Activity pairing is best in the evening time slots.  Tai Punch by True Fire Cannabis delivers the Mental Spa Treatment to relax and wind down after a long day.


Tai Punch by True Fire Cannabis Co.

Tai Punch by True Fire Cannabis Co. is a Full Melt “high” experience.  With 30.6% THC 3.57% Total Terpenes and Blissfulness as the Main Theme, Tai Punch delivers a rich and complex “high” experience.

THC: 30.563%

Total Terpenes:  3.57% (beta Myrcene 1.12%, Farnesene 0.56%, Limonene 0.39%, alpha Pinene 0.36%, trans Caryophyllene 0.21%, Other 0.93%)

Quality: 9.3

Intensity: 8.9

Duration: 8.8

Total: 9.0

Cost: $36.06 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Tai Punch is a treat for those Special Moments to Refresh and Rejuvenate.  Comparable strains are Orange Kush Cake, Jelly Breath, Mint Cream Cake and Cherry Moon Pie?

On an investment note, licensed on April 23, 2021, True Fire does not have a “First Mover Advantage” like Aurora, Tilray, or Canopy.  Starting with 33 Splitter, one of the most viewed Review on Puff, True Fire is doing it the old fashion way …  Build the Brand and than the Market, which is the Real Advantage.