Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” PAX’s mission is to premiumize the vape consumer matching the high device quality our consumers are accustomed to. PAX aims to improve the vape consumers’ experience by converting 510 users to PAX Era’s superior technology with only a 0.05% fail rate. PAX entering the vape market will increase the current Era install base of over 175,000 users in Canada to help elevate the vape consumer experience. Pax is looking to mimic 0.5g vape success; in 2022, Pax accounts for a 9.6% share of 0.5g vape at OCS. Pax will build off of PAX USA vape success and launch innovative strains that have been validated in the California market throughout 2023.

Not Live Rosin

Blue Dream Live Rosin by Pax Canada (Pax Labs Inc.) packaged on November 5, 2022, cost $54.11 for 1 gram.  Out test amount was 5 x 3 sec draw with a Pax Era.

The “high” starts with a dense euphoric disorientating bliss.  With each inhalation, the Euphoric Disorientation increased.  After 5 inhalation over a few minutes, we were Fully Immersed in a Euphoric Blissful Fog.  This Feels very Distillate.  And, there is little resemblance to a Blue Dream “high.”

In the great outdoors, Blue Dream Live Rosin delivered a wakeful euphoric awareness with a touch of Bliss.  While limited in Depth of the “high” with limited identifiable Expressions, Blue Dream Liver Rosin was still more enjoyable in the great outdoors.

Activity pairing is best as a Coffee replacement with an Energy Boost and Euphoric Disorientation.  This Blue Dream Live Rosin by Pax Era is a Smooth Distillate in an Elegant Pax Era form factor.


Blue Dream Live Rosin by Pax Canada (Pax Labs Inc.)

Blue Dream Live Rosin by Pax Canada In Our Humble Opinion is NOT Live Rosin.  This is a Distillate “high.”   The Real motivating factor for this review was to test out the Pax pods.  The Pax Pod is Excellent providing Big Pulls without triggering Eye Popping coughs.

THC: 85.0%

Quality: 8.5

Intensity: 8.7

Duration: 8.4

Total: 8.5

Cost: $54.11 for 1 gram

Would we buy this again? No.  This was an unfortunate choice of Pax Pods to try.  We would recommend to Pax Canada to work with craft growers and deliver Real Live Rosin.  We know the Pax Pods are better designed to handle Live Rosin.   Let it Shine.

On an investment note, Pax Pods versus 510 is the battle between VHS versus BetaMax for those old enough to appreciate the comparison.  Pax is focused on the Cannabis market with a superior but proprietary delivery system.  We Believe Pax Canada can do Better by delivering Real Live Rosin, which the Pods are designed to handle.