Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, “ Orangeade is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Tangie and Purple Punch. This strain has a flavor profile featuring sweet citrus and floral notes. Orangeade is known to be a mood-boosting strain, making it a popular choice among medical marijuana patients fighting symptoms of anxiety or depression….

From the OCS, ” Purple Hills Live Resin Carts are filled with a proprietary single-strain blend of our terpiest live resin. This reliable, accessible vape cart brings the full profile of our fresh-frozen cannabis to life. The high-potency, high-terpene extract is made from fresh-frozen flower full of sun-grown flavour. The terpene-rich, aromatic flower is preserved through flash-freezing at harvest and then concentrated through hydrocarbon extraction. The resulting live resin contains all of the flower’s sun-expressed flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids, packing a more complete and complex cannabis flavour than CO2 or ethanol extracts.From the best live resin brand on the market, the Orangeade Live Resin Cart is a hybrid of Tangie x Purple Punch, packing sweet citrus and floral notes.

run a Marathon

Orangeade Live Resin by Purple Hills packaged on January 10, 2023, cost $49.60 for a 1 gram 510 Cartridge.  Our review was based on 6 x 3 seconds draw on a Tribal Ark at 3.2V.

Orangeade Live Resin’s “high” starts with a lung popping coughing session and an Immediate Launch with each inhalation.  Distillate “highs” are Immediate … Instant & Intense.  With gut wrenching velocity, this Orangeade Live Resin is a Take No Prisoner Euphoric attack type of “high.”  Fuel to run a Marathon.  Or, Dance the night away.

Orangeade Live Resin is made for the great outdoors.  Over the first hour powered by a psychedelic energy, Orangeade Live Resin delivered a wide awake Super Natural Euphoric Reality to transport Us to Another World.

Activity pairing is best as an Energizer Coffee replacement for a Marathon activity.  Orangeade Live Resin by Purple Hills is a Distillate “high” with Popping Energy.

Memories of Redee Trainwreck review, our first 510 Cart review.


Orangeade Live Resin by Purple Hills

Using Butane extraction, Orangeade Live Resin by Purple Hills is a Prime Example of today’s Level of Excellence in Distillate “highs” exhibiting some Expressions from the underlying strain.  While we are not Fans of Butane extraction, Purple Hills seem to have Mastered the Art of Butane Extraction.

THC: 73.67%

Total Terpenes: 10.8%

Quality: 9.2

Intensity: 9.1

Duration: 8.8

Total: 9.0

Cost: $49.60 for 1 gram Live Resin Cart

Would we buy this again?  Maybe.  Orangeade Live Resin by Purple Hills is great for a Pick Up “high” to get things done.  Cuban Linx Live Resin and an Orangeade Live Resin both offer wakeful caffeinated type of “highs.”  These are Distillate type of “highs” that Hit Hard and Fast.  And, they are relatively Cheap too.

On an investment note, Agripharm Corp. has quietly built an Impressive Brand portfolio with Wink, Thumbs Up Brand and Purple Hills.  According to feedback from BudTenders, The Purple Hills carts are a favourite for young cannabis consumers.