Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” Raptors Rntz, bred by Lit Farms, is a heavy indica-dominant strain that pairs SeedJunky’s Animal Mints with Rntz. Raptors Rntz has three dominant terpenes: spicy caryophyllene, citrusy limonene and sweet floral linalool that deliver an earthy sweet taste and aroma with a gas undertone. This phenotype, hunted in-house, has tight greasy buds with bright green hues that are dusted with frost. Celebrity is a brand that delivers high quality indoor grown, hang dried, hand trimmed and slow cured cannabis. Celebrity is dedicated to pheno-hunting proven and rare strains from reputable breeders to provide the cannabis connoisseur with the most exclusive selection.

Dancing with Life

Raptors RNTZ by Celebrity (Laboratoire InoVert) packaged on February 15, 2023, cost $44.23 for 3.34 grams with 40.415% THC 3.44% Total Terpenes and an earthy herbal floral pine scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

The “high” starts after inhalation ends with a steady increase in Euphoric Bliss.  Over the first 15 minutes, Raptors RNTZ turned Up the Volume with a Topsy Turvy Spin A Looney “high” that is all over the place.  Mental Focus is Not on the Menu today … But, Party Time is.

In the great outdoors, Raptors RNTZ continued with transforming Reality with a Racy Euphoric energy where we see the World through a Series of Rapid Eye Movements.  The entire Outdoor trip was a series of Snap Shots in our memory.   Time just flew away.

Activity pairing is best as a Catalyst to create dynamic social interactions.  Raptors RNTZ is a Heady Euphoric “high” that can promote being more Socially Expressive.  Dancing with Life.


Raptors RNTZ by Celebrity (Laboratoire InoVert)

This review was motivated by a Perverse fascination with absolute BS 40.415% THC packaging.  Raptors RNTZ by Celebrity (Laboratoire InoVert), however, did deliver a Potent “high” with all the Trimmings (Happiness, Blissfulness, Mind Numbing Euphoria and a Sense of Abandonment).

THC: 40.415%

Total Terpenes: 3.44% (Limonene 0.92%, Nerolidol 0.45%, Caryophyllene 0.45%, Myrcene 0.46%, Other 1.4%)

Quality: 9.1

Intensity: 8.9

Duration: 8.8

Total:  8.9

Cost:  $44.23 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Unlikely.  While we believe there is Not Real World optimization in arriving at a 40% THC lab result, this Raptors RNTZ does deliver a strong Heady “high.”  This is worth a Curiosity purchase.

On an investment note, in a Twitter post, Mariwell denies Raptor RNTZ as their product and attributes it to Laboratoire InoVert, a Quebec based packaging company.  No one wants to Own Up as the Producer of Raptors RNTZ?