Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” Monaco Octane was pheno-hunted in the Distinkt facility. We had many winners which made it difficult to come to a unanimous decision. This sweet gasoline phenotype hits home from a potency standpoint. What makes Monaco Octane so special is that it comes in between 3.4-4.5% terpenes. This really is a sophisticated pheno. We take great pride in letting the flower express the correct timeline and we dial in the nutrients to what best satisfies each and every cultivar. We hang dry whole plants for roughly 12 days and cure our cannabis for 21 days. We only hand trim our flowers delivering a best in class type of experience. We never irradiate or e-beam our flower. We stand behind our post harvest processes delivering a very special product to the consumer.

A “Distinkt” high

Monaco Octane by Distinkt packaged on January 20th, 2023, $44.05 for 3.5grams with 31.16% THC. Smell is sweet and skunky. Our test amount was 0.8 gram in a Bong.

With a little bite to its smoke, we taste Kush and a touch of mint.. Khalifa Mints fans rejoice, there’s a new player at hand. Monaco Octane’s “High” hits right away with a shot of clarity.  Initially Gifted with lip reading ability, we slowly start losing focus and shutting down. Tunnel vision sets in as our surroundings seemingly fade away.

In the great outdoors, we took Monaco Octane out for a Run. The Run started with a strong mind & body sedation. Getting the body up to a decent Run speed required major effort. Once we got there, we were dialled in for the majority of the route. The run, however, ended with a SPLAT. We do not recommend running with Monaco Octane.

Activity pairing is best for the evening time slots. Netflix or video games?  This is a “Distinkt” high that all Indica fans can enjoy.


Monaco Octane by Distinkt Cannabis

Monaco Octane by Distinkt is very similar to the Khalifa Mints, which we love. This long lost sister of Khalifa Mints seems to pack a bit more of a punch and is great for anyone who loves that minty Kush terpene profile.

THC: 31.16%

Quality: 9.0

Intensity: 8.9

Duration: 8.7

Overall: 8.9

Cost: $44.05 for 3.5 grams.

Would we buy this again? Maybe. Ths cost is still a bit too high for heavy chronisseurs, but we did thoroughly enjoy Monaco Octane. This is a nice treat to have something very similar to Khalifa Mints and appreciate both the difference and similarities since they are half-sisters.

On an investment note, Distinkt Cannabis is an Alberta based Craft Grower.   Distinkt has graduated from supplying Medical Cannabis at Mendo to the Legal Recreational Cannabis market.  Welcome!