Strain Integrity

From Brindle Farms, ” High quality live rosin, in a disposable vape cartridge, and nothing else. Our Live Rosin cartridges are filled with 100% solventless hash oil, and only hash oil. Without adulterants or additives, Live Rosin cartridges offer a discreet, convenient and effective delivery of connoisseur grade hashish at a moments notice. Unlike other disposable pens made from distillate, Brindle Farms allocates only full melt, top tier hash to be put into cartridges, explicitly not ‘full-spectrum’, a term used by many to embellish the inclusion of low quality hash into the batch.

Bred by J.Beezy from Seed Junky Genetics, Sour Animal is a cross between Sour Diesel and Animal Cookies BX2, with the latter being the male. The chosen phenotype is Diesel dominant, providing a cerebral, sativa influenced high, onset by a heavy-hitting initial rush due to an indica based influence from the Animal Cookies. Sour Animal Live Rosin Cartridges will offer convenient, on-the-go access to the same tier of hash you can get by the gram from Brindle Farms. When purchasing Brindle Farms’ Sour Animal Live Rosin Cartridges, you can expect to receive a light golden coloured, clear, uniform, and stable solventless hash oil inside. 

A Multidimensional “High”

Sour Animal Live Rosin Vape Cart by Brindle Farms packaged on November 17, 2022, cost $50.84 for 0.5 gram Live Rosin Vape Cart with 80.329% THC 8.9% Total Terpenes.  Our test was based on 6 x 4 seconds Draw at 2.6 V on a Tribal Ark.

Sour Animal Live Rosin “high” starts with the first inhalation and increases in intensity with each inhalation.  Two minutes into the inhalation session with the 3rd Draw, we were already Baked.  Being Professionals, we pushed ahead into BakeVille, a Psychedelic Wonderland.  Over the next 10 minutes, a Trippy “high” unfolds with a New Dimension of Reality to Explore.  Sour Animal Live Rosin is a clear Elevated Euphoric “high” with a multidimensional Cerebral awareness.

In the great outdoors, Sour Animal unleashed another side of the “high,” mental and body sedation, which was unexpected.  Starting with a mind numbing euphoria to disorientate, Sour Animal Live Rosin unfold with a dislocation from Reality and a euphoric cerebral engagement before slowly dialing up the sedative effects.

Activity pairing is best as a Super Natural pickup to boost performance.  In a multidimensional world, “You can Kick some Arse in this 3D Reality.”


Sour Animal Live Rosin Vape Cart by Brindle Farms

Sour Animal Live Rosin Vape Cart by Brindle Farms is a “Must Try” for fans of vape concentrates.  This Sour Animal Vape delivers a Unique “high” experience with a psychedelic awareness to create a Multidimensional “High.”

THC: 80.329%

Total Terpenes: 8.9% (Limonene, beta-Caryophyllene , beta-Myrcene)

Quality: 9.8

Intensity: 9.2

Duration: 8.9

Total: 9.26

Cost: $50.84 for 0.5 gram

Would we buy this again? Yes.  This is one of the best Live Rosin vape we have tried.  We recommend giving this Sour Animal Live Rosin a try.

On an investment note, Brindle Farm is a micro-cultivator from Vancouver Island focused on the sole purpose of producing high quality solventless hashish.  The Focus on Excellence is the best path to Success.  Quality not Quantity.