Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” A new day’s adventure awaits with Spinach Feelz™ Mango Kiwi Haze CBC 7:1 THC:CBC vape. Inspired by mango-lime flavours from the Mango Tango and OG Lime Kush cultivars, this is a one-of-a-kind combination of THC and CBC. Feelz. The Way You Want.

A Different type of “High”

Feelz Kiwi Mango Haze CBC by Spinach (Cronos Group) packaged on January 28, 2023, cost $41.62 for 1 Gram Distillate with a sweet fruity scent.  Our test was 6 x 4 seconds Draw.

Feelz’z “high” starts with each inhalation.  By the 3rd inhalation, our Heads were in the Clouds.  After 6 total x 4 seconds inhalation, Feelz Kiwi Mango Haze CBC is weaving it’s Magic with a Euphoric Sense floating on a Blissfully wide eyed awareness.  This is a Different type of “high” and it is Enjoyable.  The Cronos’s Alchemists have been working Hard to produce Magic.

In the great outdoors, in bright sun light, Feelz Kiwi Mango Haze CBC delivered a Steady State of Euphoric Bliss without natural undulation of the “high” that comes from a Flower.  This “high” feels like a “Medicated High” from dropping a Pill.  There is some body sedation after 45 minutes.

Activity pairing is best as a smooth energy pickup to Boost fun activities like video gaming, playing an instrument, writing, painting, gardening or just socializing.


Feelz Kiwi Mango Haze CBC by Spinach (Cronos Group)

The Day has arrived where Cannabis Alchemists are delivering New type of “highs” made by the Magic of Science.  Spinach has created a line of Vapes focused on balancing various Cannabinoids for Special Effects.  CBC is one of the 6 major Cannabinoids being researched.  Feelz Kiwi Mango Haze CBC produces a different type of “high.”

THC: 70.0%

Quality:  9.0

Intensity: 9.2

Duration:  8.7

Total: 9.0

Cost: $41.62 for 1 gram distillate

Would we buy this again?  Maybe.  For activities like video gaming, Cuban Linx Live Resin 510 Cart delivering higher focus intensity works even better.  But, the blend of Feelz Kiwi Mango Haze CBC’s Bliss with Euphoric awareness is interestingly unique.

On an investment note, in the competitive cannabis market, Spinach has released a new line of Vaping products focus on delivering specific effects.  Feelz Kiwi Mango Haze CBC produces effective Medicated effects.  In the struggle to be relevant, this is Interesting.