Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” SHRED has reinvented the hash wheel with the introduction of Rip-Strip Hash! We take one of SHRED’s signature aromatic blends, in this case, Tropic Thunder, which is known for its citrus and tropical aromas, press it into hash and then shape that into 10 rip strips. The rip strips can then easily be added to your pre-roll, bowl or pipe for some added potency and flavour.

Preparing the Rip-Strip Hash:

Using the Tropic Thunder Rip-Strip Hash in a Joint

Using the Tropic Thunder Rip-Strip Hash in a Joint

A Satisfying Experience

Tropic Thunder Rip-Strip hash by ShredX (Organigram) packaged on April 12, 2023 cost $24.82 for 2 grams of Hash.  Our review test amount was 0.20 gram per pipe.  For enjoyment, we rolled it with a variety of strains in Joints.

With an over flavoured fruity candy taste, the “high” starts immediately with each inhalation and by the end of the lengthy pipe session we were “Baked!”  The “high” is an intense clear hazy euphoric sense with strong time dilations and misdirections.  “Wrecked.”

In the great outdoors, Tropic Thunder Rip-Strip Hash started with Euphoric Disorientation and Lack of Direction as a Result.  Wandering without purpose because we forgot, Tropic Thunder Rip-Strip Hash is a “Hash high,” a Supersized version of the Tropic Thunder SHRED.

Activity pairing is best as a Party Curiosity inside a Joint.  Tropic Thunder Rip-Strip Hash is a flavourful hash concentrate with a “high” like a Distillate, or Live Resin.  Strong.


Tropic Thunder Rip-Strip Hash by ShredX (Organigram)

Tropic Thunder Rip-Strip Hash by ShredX (Organigram) is a new product that captured our imagination.  Tropic Thunder Rip-Strip Hash delivers an Intense Flavour and “High” Experience similar to a 510 Vape Cart.  At 46.8% THC, this hits like an 70% THC.

THC:  48.8%

Quality: 9.1

Intensity: 9.0

Duration: 8.9

Total: 9.0

Cost: $24.82 for 2 grams of Rip-Strip Hash

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  This Rip-Strip Hash is for those who roll their own Joints.  There were no problems with the Burn using about 0.20 grams per Joint.  The entire preparation is a bit tedious but the end result is worth it for a Satisfying Experience.

On an investment note, Organigram has launched an interesting new product with Rip-Strip Hash.  This is a Potent product at a compelling price point.  For investors, keeping an Eye on this Product space is warranted.  Expect more LPs to offer similar products.