Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” Island Pink is a striking and visually appealing strain. A potent Canadian indica with strong aromatics of sweet and tart citrus with undertones of earthy wood and is a cross between D Bubba and Pink Kush. The round, densely packed buds are a beautiful green with swirls of purple and pink. Orange and pink pistils weave in and out of the flowers and peek through the heavily coated frosting of sticky white trichomes. ”

Melt Your Stress Away

Island Pink by Kronic Relief packaged February 1, 2023 for the cost of $50.84 with tax and a total THC of 30.57%. Total terpenes were 2.87%. Our test amount was one gram.

Initially baited by a reddit review, We ended up grabbing a quarter of this stuff. Upon opening the jars we were tripping. The smell coming out of these things was pretty wack. Imagine walking into a floral shop right after the florist has just watered everything. Super floral boarding chlorine aroma that was very pungent.. we were kinda choked to be honest but little did we know…

The nose to taste translation is on point but this is the FURTHEST thing from the kush we know. Especially an Island Pink, so this was definitely disappointing. While the nose and taste is different, it hits very similar to a Proper pink kush. An instant blast of euphoria that quickly melts your stress away. Over the next 20 minutes we notice the tranquil yet focused effects on the body and mind. We are pleased and intrigued. What an interesting take on the classic D. Bubba x Pink Kush that we are so very fond of.

Activity Pairing is best for a relaxing evening after a long day. In the celebration of life, this is a strain we can find comfort in solitude with. One love.


Island Pink by Kronic Relief

There are enough feel-good vibes here to wash away any worries from the day. It’s smooth smoke which is always great to load up on a few consecutive bowls before winding down for the night. A few complaints include; the smell and the taste but this is ONLY in respects to what we expect from the genetics of the strain. We did enjoy the buzz.

THC: 30.57%

Total Terpenes: 2.87%

Quality: 8.6

Intensity: 8.6

Duration: 8.6

Total: 8.6

Cost: $50.84 for 3.5grams

Would we buy this again? No. While the high provided was exactly what we were after, the taste and smell were not. This is pricey weed which is not sustainable for regular chronoisseurs. If we were to get it as a treat, there are Simply better options out.

On an investment note, Kronic Relief is a Private Craft Grower “with over 9 years of experience growing efficient, high quality cannabis.”  Founder Steven Conville, a Jamaican Canadian, also operates Kronic Relief Jamaica.