Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” LA Kush Cake, also known as “Los Angeles Kush Cake” and “LA Kush Cake #11,” is a hybrid marijuana strain. This cross of the popular Wedding Cake and Kush Mints comes from Liberty Health Sciences and Seed Junky Genetics. La Kush Cake is an indica-dominant strain that smells like vanilla and has an earthy peppermint taste. It’s an easy, smooth hitter, and effects take a while to come on. This is a beautiful flower, with green and purple buds covered in frosty trichomes. It’s great for relaxing and winding down at the end of the night without much else to do.

From the OCS, ” BC Spirit is an indica-dominant strain that smells like vanilla and has an earthy minty flavour. Also known as the LA Kush Cake genetic, it was originally founded by Seed Junky Genetics by crossing Wedding Cake and Kush Mints. It is both easy smoking and very potent as one might suspect from breeding these two lineages. For this premium offering, we have curated the Dunesberry Farms LA Kush Cake, which is a rich cultivar with high THC and quality. It has beautifully structured green buds that are caked in frosty trichomes. It can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Seed Junky’s LA Kush Cake is a THC dominant variety refined by our head grower and was never available as feminized seeds.

Clear Dreamy & Euphoric

BC Spirit (LA Kush Cake) by Dunesberry Farm (Thunder Spirit/Western Extraction Ltd.) packaged on January 24, 2023, cost $28.22 for 3.5 grams with 26.84% THC 3.24% Total Terpenes and a dry earth musky sour poop scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

The “high” starts with immediate Euphoric Dislocation from a Cerebral meltdown.  This is Dunesberry Farm.  This LA Kush Cake is hitting with intense Cerebral Euphoria and mild accelerating body effects in a Sea of Bliss.  Clarity of thought with acute sensory enhancements is very enjoyable.

In the great outdoors, this LA Kush Cake behaved like a strong Hybrid with clear euphoric awareness against a background of Bliss.  Energy is smooth powering a Sense of Happiness & Contentment.  This “high” is an enjoyably intense yet functional.

Activity pairing is best to Boost Reality with calm clear euphoric engagement playing a video game like Diablo 4? playing a musical instrument, gardening, fishing, or just simply enjoy.  LA Kush Cake is a clear dreamy euphoric “high.”

Strain Integrity

Spirit BC (LA Kush Cake) by Dunesberry Farm (Thunder Spirit)

Spirit BC (LA Kush Cake) by Dunesberry Farm review was motivated by a 14% Price Drop to $10.43 a gram from $12.14 a gram.  While the buds were rock hard and dry with an unappealing scent, this LA Kush Cake, however, does deliver the “high.”

THC:  26.84%

Total Terpenes: 3.24% ( Trans-Caryophyllene 0.77%, Farnesene 0.64%, Limonene 0.54%, ß Myrcene 0.5%)

Quality:  8.8

Intensity: 8.9

Duration: 8.7

Total:  8.8

Cost:  $28.22 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Unlikely, from this Brand.  We are Fans of Dunesberry Farm’s Mint Cream Cake and Dairy Cream.  Dunesberry Farm have also sold under BC Black and Wink.

On an investment note, Dunesberry Farm is located in British Columbia. Micro craft growers are launching into the recreational cannabis market through partnership with Processors like BC Black, Thunder Spirit, Wink and Antidote, to name a few, for marketing, packaging and distribution of their cannabis.  With Flow Through and Direct Delivery available now, it is easier to reach the Recreational market for micro-craft growers.  This is where smaller Retailers can compete and differentiate by offering unique products.