Strain Integrity

From Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis, ” The dense, resin-laden buds of Mint Chocolate Chip are packed with a unique and rich herbaceous aroma that exude a certain skunkiness when broken open. Notes of cool mint and subtle chocolate become more apparent when the flower is combusted making for a smooth smoke that finishes with a slight tang on the exhale.

The high comes on quickly and can be a potent motivator. Energetic and clear, the effects can help focus the mind while grounding the body in a level of relaxation that trends towards the more sedate as time passes. With a number of positive mental and physical benefits reported by users, Mint Chocolate Chip is a highly versatile strain that will readily appeal to a diverse selection of people on both solo and social ventures.

BREEDER: Exotic Genetix
GENETICS: Mystery Cookies X Green Ribbon BX
AROMA: Minty, herbal, sweet, sour, hint of chocolate
FLAVOUR: Herbal, earthy, nutty, woody
EFFECTS: Mentally uplifting, happy, energizing with a relaxing body high

Unicorn Cup 1st Place 2022

Mint Chocolate Chip by Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis packaged on April 5, 2023, cost $35.35 for 3.72 grams with 29.7% THC 3.1% Total Terpenes and a strong floral pine earthy herbal scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

The “high” starts with accelerating Blissfulness during the inhalation session.  Over the first 10 minutes, this Mint Chocolate Chip exerted a Forceful Euphoric Bliss to transform a Normal State to a Hyper Bliss State.  With a buzzing Bliss, Mint Chocolate Chip brings all the Cannabis Expressions like cerebralness, uplifting euphoria rich with optimism and joy to Float Away.

In the great outdoors, Mint Chocolate Chip delivered an intensely wakeful, mindful and euphoric “high.” Body sedation was very noticeable.   There is a dissociative feel with a third person view … in another World.  Shopping can be an intensely creative and fun experience.

Activity pairing is best as a Chill Pill to Harmonise Life.   Mint Chocolate Chip by Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis is the Perfect after dinner treat.  Melt away.


Mint Chocolate Chip by  Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis

Mint Chocolate Chip by Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis is a Blissful Treat for a Sweet “high.”  The Weed just keeps getting better in Canada. This Mint Chocolate Chip by Organic Sweet Grass won 1st Place at the Unicorn Cup 2022.

THC: 29.7%

Total Terpenes: 3.1% (trans-caryophyllene 0.6%, limonene 0.5%, farnesene 0.5%, beta-myrcene 0.5%)

Quality: 9.4

Intensity: 9.0

Duration: 8.8

Total: 9.1

Cost: $35.35 for 3.72 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  At the $10 a gram, Mint Chocolate Chip is delivering a Premium “high” at a reasonable price.  Comparable quality, price and “high” can be found in Mint Cream Cake, IC Sandwiches and Dirty Banana.  In our humble opinion, these are some of the best hybrid Indicas in Canada.

On an investment note, Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis, is based in the Kootenays, British Columbia.  With a deep rich tradition of cannabis cultivation from the Legacy days, today’s fresh water, fresh air, cheap electricity and affordable land makes the Kootenays the Hot Spot for craft cannabis cultivation.  The Unicorn Cup is an annual event for local growers to compare their harvest.