Strain Integrity

From Magi Cannabis, ” A Sour Diesel dominant Headband. It has pungent smells of fuel, citrus and musk. The high is intense and focused, best suited for experience smokers.

Euphoric Expresso

Hippie Headbanger by Magi Cannabis packaged on June 12, 2023, cost $33.89 for 3.5 grams with 30.443% THC and a strong fuel floral piney scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

Hippie Banger’s “high” starts with a shift to an upbeat mood with each inhalation.  Over the first 10 minutes, Hippie Banger transform the World with increasing euphoric happiness leading into a Cerebral playland where Anything is Possible.

In the great outdoors, Hippie Headbanger delivered an Euphoric Expresso “high” with a mesmerizing focus to amplify the moments.  The “high” is enjoyable and functional.  There is a touch of Bliss in the “high” as noted by the piney taste.

Activity pairing is best as a SuperNatural coffee replacement.  Hippie Banger is a Sativa for that first puff of the day to get into a happy state of productivity.


Hippie Headbanger by Magi Cannabis

Hippie Headbanger by Magi Cannabis is a new micro-craft grower from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, enriching the Canadian Cannabis Landscape with a fine rendition of a Sativa “high.”  In today’s world of hybrids, getting a Pure Sativa or Indica “high” is a rare event.  While this is not a Sativa Landrace “high” like a Congo Black, Hippie Headbanger is a good approximation of a clear pristine  uplifting Sativa “high” with a touch of Bliss.

THC:  30.443%

Total Terpenes: 3.7%

Quality: 9.2

Intensity: 8.8

Duration: 8.7

Cost:  $33.89 for 3.5 grams,

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Given the quality and pricing below $10 a gram, Magi Cannabis is delivering crafted cannabis products at a reasonable price.  For similar type of “highs” at lower prices, Cuban Linx, Lemon Royale, or Flo?  But, Hippie Headbnager is worth trying.

On an investment note, Hippie Headbanger by Magi Cannabis was originally available as a Carmel Drew’s Pheno and now available under Mendo Cannabis Medical offering packaged by Endo.  Today, there are multiple pathways for micro-craft growers to reach the legal recreational cannabis market.