Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Known for its sweet smell of fresh strawberries and an expanding sensation that can make even the most seasoned consumer cough, Strawberry Cough is a potent sativa marijuana strain with mysterious genetic origins. However, Strawberry Cough is thought to be a cross of Haze and Strawberry Fields. The skunky, berry flavors will capture your senses while the cerebral, uplifting effects provide an aura of euphoria that is sure to leave a smile on your face. Strawberry Cough is a great solution in times of elevated stress. 

creeping Chill Juice

Strawberry Cough by Quadessence (Stika Legends) packaged July 24, 2023, cost $70.46 for 7 grams with 27.91% THC 4.0% Total Terpenes and a dank earthy fuel  pine scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

Strawberry Cough’s “high” start during the session with a Blissful awareness growing with each inhalation.  Over the first 10 minutes, Strawberry Cough delivered an increasingly intense Blissful Euphoria to disconnect from Reality to enter a Quiet and Peaceful landscape.  Strawberry Cough delivers mind and body tranquillisation for a Meditative Experience.  This is IndicaVille, a place to refresh and rejuvenate.

In the great outdoors, Strawberry Cough delivered a clear blissful euphoric “high” just like a nice hybrid Sativa.  Over the first hour, Strawberry Cough slowly evolve the “high” from a Sativa to a heavier tranquilising Indica “high.”  Strawberry Cough’s 2nd hour is all about mind and body sedation with crippling effectiveness.  This is a Creeper “high.”

Activity pairing is best in the evening time slots.  Strawberry Cough by Quadessence is a Tranquilising Indica “high” to bring an end to the day.  For the young and restless, Strawberry Cough can deliver the Chill Juice all day long.


Strawberry Cough by Quadessence (Stika Legends)

Strawberry Cough by Quadessence (Stika Legends) is an Indica pheno version delivering the Mind Numbing Bliss.  For those who have experienced Strawberry Cough in the pre-legalisation Legacy market, we were expecting a Strawberry Cough with more of a Sativa pheno.  This well rendered Strawberry Cough is a creeping Indica hitter.

THC:  27.91%

Total Terpenes: 4.0%

Quality:  9.0

Intensity: 8.8

Duration: 8.7

Total: 8.83

Cost: $70.46 for 7 grams

Would we buy this again?  Maybe.  Expectation is everything in Life.  It shapes our experience.  We were expecting a Hybrid Sativa but we got a heavy Indica creeper.  If you like Indica creepers, this Strawberry Cough will deliver a “high” that gets progressively stronger with a Chill Experience over two hours.

On an investment note, Quadessence is a growing Partner of Stika Legends industrial grow park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Here is an interesting article on Stika Legends and Quadessence.