Strain Integrity

From Palmetto, ” Welcome to flavour country, also known as the Vapocratic Republic of Peach Punch Haze. Rip a bag off that spool thingy and meet us in the produce aisle ’cause our flavours are about to get fruity. Get ready for an intergalactic tastebud trip where you’ll be greeted by flavours of juicy peach, stone(d) fruit and mango. Get going already and reach for the Peach!

Euphoric Disorientation

Peach Punch Haze by Palmetto (SNDL) packaged February 2, 2023, cost $27.25 for 3 x 0.50 gram infused pre-rolls with 38.0% THC and a Peachy scent.  Our test was 1 x 0.50 gram infused pre-roll each.

As with all infused pre-rolls, we were Baked before the inhalation session ends.  With a surprisingly strange and unpleasant tasting session, the “high” starts by overwhelming our Senses with Euphoric Disorientation.  There is not one Expression that stood out.  And, the Net effect was disorientation.  There was no Bliss.  Hazy euphoric mental awareness with minor sense of acceleration was the Main Theme.

In the great outdoors, Peach Punch Haze started with a Dissociative Expansive and Hazy Euphorically Disorientating “high.”   After 20 minutes, Peach Punch Haze’s “high” is more enjoyable with a clear euphoric awareness that is not overwhelming and disorientating.

Activity pairing is best as an Evening pick-up with a group of friends.  In general, infused pre-rolls are best shared with friends.  But, try something else ….


Peach Punch Haze by Palmetto (SNDL)

Peach Punch Haze by Palmetto (SNDL) review was motivated by our curiosity of an infused pre-roll from one of our favourite underappreciated Brand, Palmetto.  Unfortunately, this Peach Punch Haze failed to resonate with us delivering a plain vanilla euphoric disorientation.

THC:  38.0%

Quality: 8.2

Intensity: 9.0

Duration: 8.7

Total:  8.6

Cost:  $27.25 for 3 x 0.50 gram Infused Pre-rolls

Would we buy this again?  No.  We were not going to publish this review but decided it is in the public interest because SNDL is a public company.  This Peach Punch Haze is intense with a Mashing of Expressions into a Disorientated “high,” which was not enjoyable.  But if Disorientation is your thing, this one is for you.

On an investment note, Infused Pre-Rolls is one of the high growth cannabis product category.  Every LP is jumping on this Train.  Unfortunately, in rushing into a high growth product category, not all Infused Pre-Rolls are well research and developed.  For SNDL and Palmetto (an excellent flower Brand), more work is required in Shaping the “high.”