Strain Integrity

According to, ” Fire Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through crossing the classic Girl Scout Cookies X Fire OG strains. If you’re looking for the perfect long-lasting high to really knock you flat out, you’ve found it with Fire Cookies. The high starts with a lifted effect that launches through your mind, filling you with a sense of soaring happiness and a hint of creativity. As your mind soars higher and higher, you’ll start to feel a light tingly effect spread throughout your body like warming wildfire. This quickly turns slightly sedative, leaving you kicking back and totally immovable for hours on end. Thanks to these effects and its super high 21-26% average THC level, Fire Cookies is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as muscle spasms, chronic pain, depression, Multiple Sclerosis, and chronic fatigue….  ”

From Dunesberry Farm, ” Fire Cookies, also known as Animal Cookies, is a potent indica-dominant hybrid of two strains: the legendary GSC and Fire OG. This full bodied DBF bud is aromatic with earthy pungent notes and resembles flavours of cherry cookies and sweet vanilla.

more Baked! than Wake

Fire Cookies by Dunesberry Farm packaged on October 19, 2022, cost $30.72 for 3.5 grams with 25.9% THC and a muted scent of something that used to be sour and earthy.   Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

The “high” starts immediately with each inhalation.  Over the first 5 minutes, Fire Cookies ignites our cerebral cortex to melt Time and Space.  This is a Full On Mental attack to Crack open a new dimension in our Reality.  And, this is a 1 year old flower.  Respect.

In the great outdoors, Fire Cookies teleported Us around powered by euphoric cerebralness bending Reality to our “high.”  Yes. it is the Wake and the Bake “high.” Huge time dilations. Well, more Baked! than Wake.

Activity pairing is best as a SuperNatural boost to distort Reality, anywhere, anytime.  Fire Cookies is a most enjoyable debilitating “high.”  A very satisfying “high.”


Fire Cookies by Dunesberry Farm

Buying a one year old flower is on Us for not paying attention to discount deals, or not having anticipated why products are discounted.  But after 1 year, this Fire Cookies by Dunesberry Farm is still “On Fire!”

THC:  25.9%

Quality: 9.2

Intensity: 9.0

Duration: 8.7

Total: 8.97

Cost: $30.72 to 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  At this price, Yes.  The original price for this Fire Cookies was in the $45 range and despite the Quality it stayed on the Shelves.   Lesson: Anything over $10 a gram is a tough sell.

On an investment note, Dunesberry Farm is based in Kamloops, British Columbia.  Here is an interesting article on Dunesberry Farm.  Dunesberry Farm is one of our favourite craft growers.  Even after a year, this Fire Cookies is a Hard hitting “high” to completely transport Us to an alternative Reality. Quality.