Strain Integrity

From Organic Sweetgrass, ” Crunch Berries – also known as Crunchberry, Crunch Berry Kush or Captain Crunch – is an indica dominant hybrid owing its distinct sweet berry aroma to its parent, the award winning Blueberry (Cannabis Cup 2000). The nose on this cultivar is a scintillating tangy/sour affair infused with touches of vanilla, fresh hazelnuts and pine. The flavour is a remarkable fruity bouquet that leaves a pleasant after-taste reminiscent of your favourite childhood cereal.

The high is energizing and euphoric and gradually drifts off towards a chilled out haze as it runs its course. With a state of relaxation being the guaranteed end game here, users recommend that Crunch Berries best be indulged in towards the end of the day.

Undeniable Euphoric Disorientation

Crunchberries by Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis packaged on September 13, 2023, cost $37.29 for 3.5 grams with 28.1% THC 3.4% Total Terpenes and a sweet floral herbal sour petroleum scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

Crunchberries’ “high” starts immediately during inhalation with a euphoric disorientation.  In the session, Crunchberries launch with an intense euphoric mental spin cycle  …  listening to “Simple World” and Flying.  After the first 15 minutes, for the Main Event, Crunchberries settles down on a clear view of the World rich with cannabis expressions like joyfulness, sense of excitement, euphoric blissfulness and contentment.

In the great outdoors, Crunchberries delivered a Sativa type of “high” that is a clear uncluttered mental landscape with motivating and uplifting euphoria.  Time dilation is particularly notable, which is a sign of potency.  There are also psychedelic effects like better audio and visuals to enhance the experience.  After the first hour, the “high” became more blissful and relaxing as expected.

Activity pairing is best as the Main Event for the evening.  Crunchberries delivers the Undeniable Euphoric Disorientation to start any festivities.


Crunchberries by Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis

Crunchberries by Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis starting with Strong Euphoric Disorientation is an Attention Grabbing  “high.”  After the big bang, Crunchberries delivers a Feel Good “high” that puts Life in Cruise Control.

THC: 28.1%

Total Terpenes: 3.4% (Beta-Myrcene 1.4%, Farnesene 0.5%, Trans-Caryophyllene 0.4%, Alpha-Pinene 0.3%)

Quality: 9.4

Intensity: 8.9

Duration:  8.7

Total: 9.0

Cost:  $37.29 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes, in larger formats.  This Crunchberries by Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis delivers an incredible euphoric Lift with a unique “high” profile to enjoy.  On Reddit, Crunchberries’ customers have reported finding Bugs.  Yeah, Living Soil Organics (LSO) uses bugs and microbes to control the environment.  We are Okay with finding bugs because we are fans of LSO cultivation.

On an investment note, Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis is a great model of converging Legacy with Legal in delivering a Premium quality product that is Smooth with a Rich complex “high.”  Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis is based in Kootenays, British Columbia.