Strain Integrity

From the OCS, ” Korean BBQ is an indica-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Garlic Sherb x Cactus Breath. A savoury strain with a nose deep with rich and spicy overtones. Strong GMO terps shine through with added pepper up front and a sour astringent finish.

NOTE:  This is a Canadian genetic.

a “Canadian” genetic

Korean BBQ by Choklit Park (West Blvd Cannabis) packaged on October 10, 2023, cost $37.23 for 3.5 grams with 30.26% THC and a sweet floral lime earthy and piney scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

Korean BBQ starts with an invigorating Blissful Euphoric Lift during the session.  For the first 15 minutes, Korean BBQ quickly transform with a hazy and dizzying blissful focus to deCapitate Reality.  This is a Crazy Dizzy debilitating Bliss, which is an interesting combination for a unique “high” profile.   Ah … the World of Hybrids.

In the great outdoors, Korean Barbecue delivered an energetic “high” against a Blissful background.   Notable was the Energy level permeating through the Muscles making awareness of their presence.  If there was no blissful backdrop, Korean Barbecue have enough energy to create Anxiety.  In the World of hybrids, Korean Barbecue is an energetic “high” while feeling blissful too.

Activity pairing is best in the latter part of the day.  Korean BBQ delivered an unexpected energetic blissful “high” to add to any festivities including a BBQ.  Interesting.


Korean BBQ by Choklit Park (West Blvd Cannabis)

Korean BBQ is a Name that demands attention.  Korean BBQ from Choklit Park (West Blvd Cannabis) is an interesting hybrid Indica with a unique profile.  We actually think this is perfect Sizzle for a Barbecue.

THC:  30.26%

Quality: 9.1

Intensity: 8.9

Duration: 8.8

Total:  8.93

Cost: $37.23 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Korean BBQ is a Canadian genetic with a unique “high” profile.   This “high” is best characterised by a wakeful energetic Sativa feel, the Sizzle, with a touch of blissfulness.  For those who find this to be a bit expensive, which it is, try Peace Force, Strawberry N’ Mintz, or Gelato Mints?

On an investment note, named after Choklit Park in the East Side of Greater Vancouver, this Vancouver processor is bringing some legit local Legacy talent to market.  It is unfortunate the Fear of past transgressions may still be keeping the names of  Legacy growers undercover.