KIND WinterFair 2023 Consumption Alley

The KIND WinterFair 2023 is the last major cannabis event for 2023 in Toronto. Open to the public and BudTenders, this Event is the opportunity for Cannabis Producers to market themselves to the Industry’s BudTenders and consumers.

Marketing cannabis consumption to the public is against the Law. But, marketing cannabis to the people who sell cannabis is Okay. That is How the Law works in Canada. This is the Prehistoric cannabis times in Canada.

For BudTenders, this is a Must Go event given the entry price was $19.99 and a guaranteed minimum of 30 grams of cannabis samples. This is the opportunity for Producers to introduce their products to BudTenders.

The KIND Winterfair 2023 has a different Vibe than Halls of FLower.  While Halls of Flowers is catering to dispensary owners, KIND WInterfair 2023 is all about the BudTenders and Cannabis consumers.

Everyone with a white loot bag has this inside them.  KIND WinterFair 2023 guarantees at least 30 grams of samples for each paying BudTender.

Cuban Linx delivers the Sweet lime scent and flavour, wakey & energetic, uplifting and cerebral.  The Cannara Biotech brands have a Huge Presence at the KIND WinterFair 2023.

Early Lemon Berry by Nugz

This Early Lemon Berry by Nugz is an amazing Sativa for studying, working and being productive.  The Early Lemon Berry is a super clean clear headed euphoric “high.”

There is a Sense of Excitement similar to a Child entering a Candy store.  This is How Cannabis should be sold.  And, the Laws are changing to make that happen.

Organic Death Bubba by 1964 and Harlequin by Simply Bare

Organic Death Bubba delivers an intense introspective “high”. While the Harlequin is pure energetic bliss.

Bake Shop by OP Cannabis

Bake Shop by OP Cannabis is a potent immersive hybrid Indica “high.”  Keep an eye for this OP Cannabis.

C99 by Kronic Relief - available Feb 2024 in Triple Sativa Variety Pack (pre-rolls)

C99 by Kronic Relief – available Feb 2024 in Triple Sativa Variety Pack (pre-rolls).  Very clear uplifting euphoric “high.” Burns white.  Feels clean and cerebral.

Caps Junky Pre-Roll by Truro Cannabis

Caps Junky Pre-rolls by Truro is a hybrid Indica delivering a cerebral mesmerizing “high.”  These East Coast craft growers have excellent Weed grown with HPS lighting.

Jealousy x LPC75 by Crooked Dory

Here we have the unification of two top tier cultivars.  Worth a try?

Meeting new faces in the Industry and sharing experiences.

26% THC Blueberry Tart by Potluck

Blueberry Tart (Thai x Purple Thai) by PotLuck is an interesting genetic with a strong Thai lineage but classified as an Indica?  The “high” was a blissful cerebral balanced experience.

Pineapple God by Soar and Cookies & Kush by Value Buds

Pineapple God by Soar is a popular Sativa delivering a racy uplifting euphoric and cerebral “high” with a Value Price tag.

Blueberry Chamomile & Black Sugar Rose Ice Tea by Jublee

Unfortunately, we have not tried this Blueberry Chamomile & Black Sugar Rose Ice Tea.  When we do, we will update this post.

Cherry & Cocoa fruit bites by Jublee

These are lovely. Vegan and gluten free. One of the few edibles that feel like a healthy snack.

Simply Bare had a strong presence at the KIND WinterFair 2023.

28.63% THC RNTZ Pre-Roll by Strains Limited

Strains Limited has the best Runtz on the market hands down. We love our candy gas!

Crumbled Lime by 3 Saints

This is great smoke. Clean, uplifting and very smooth.  Effects are strong and have psychedelic effects.

Craft Collab Pre-Rolls by Primeau Cannabis

Always great to see the homie Wallace! Keep an eye out for his new collab with Treez Botanical!

The Bundy, otherwise known as the Breakfast Of Champions. Coming to market in 2024, this is another banger from Primeau. Intense euphoric high that will leave you joyful and motivated.

Blueberry Terp, GrapeMint Terp and Pineapple Terp Pre-Rolls by Terp Gusher

The Pineapple Gusher (Lemon Cookies) is a fast acting strong hybrid Sativa type of “high.”  At 29.97% THC, the “high” has a WOW feel to it.

Exotic Gas, Venom OG & Electric Lemon Pre-Rolls by The Loud Pug

The Electric Lemon delivered a strong wakey “high” while feeling blissful at the same time.

An Alice in Wonderland experience called the Toronto KIND WinterFair 2023 was a Solid trippy “high.”

Dougie at the entrance of the Private After Party

Secret after party hosted by a group of elite micro craft growers.

This is only a just a portion of what we received at the event. Many great samples not pictured here include; Carmel’s Hot ch33tos & Golden Crisp, Simply Bare’s Harlequin & Jokerz, 1964’s Rosin Gummies, to name a few.

The team at Kind provided us with a few insights from the event that we thought we’d share with you. Over 2000+ Budtender’s attended over the two days, with each budtender receiving up to 30 grams of samples. Over 4000 people attended the event in total. This was the event of the year. Next year, the laws are changing to allow LP’s to sell at events like this!  It’s a step in the right direction towards normalization.

That’s a wrap for 2023! Thank you so much for all of the love and support we have received over the last year. We are thrilled to be apart of these historic times in the legalization of Cannabis. See you all in 2024!