Strain Integrity

From Pistol & Paris, ” Pink Goo is named for its ultra sticky appearance and a mutation in its resin glands. This mutation has been likened to a tree’s ability to ooze sap, and can result in resinous droplets of dew on the frosted leaves of the often fluorescent pink and purple flower centers. This is further contrasted and highlighted as the droplets leach into darker green coloured buds. Sweet, gassy, earthy and floral, Pink Goo is renowned for its pleasantly smooth and flavourful smoke.


Joyous Tranquility

Pink Goo by Pistol & Paris packaged October 10th, 2023 Cost $74.57 for 7 grams with 29% THC and 6% Total Terps. Yes, you read that right. Nose is of sweet floral with pepper. Our test sample was 1 gram.

The “High” begins instantly with a relaxation of the upper brow and a melting of our worries. A grin ensues, this is a proper pink. Carrying a strikingly similar flavour and high to our beloved Pink Kush, we are head over heels for this Pink Goo. The flavour translates beautifully in various smoking methods and the burn is super clean. This is something we want in our flower rotation at all times.

In the great outdoors, Pink Goo delivered joyous tranquility. We felt our spirits uplifted as we propelled through the cold. Our body movement felt mechanical as we took in the beautiful day.

Activity Pairing is best for the evening time slots. Enjoy this Pink Goo before a movie or video game sesh. Melt Away.


Pink Goo By Pistol & Paris

Pink Goo By Pistol & Paris offers a unique take on classic Pink strains. With the origins of Pink Kush being mysterious and unknown, we are left wondering if This is a very close relative to the Real Pink Kush?

THC: 29.68%

Total Terpenes: 6.0 (Myrcene 1.2%, B-Caryophyllene 0.8%, Limonene 0.6%)

Quality : 9.2

Intensity : 8.9

Duration : 8.7

Total : 8.93

Would we buy this again? Yes. This Pink Goo delivers a high we love to have on hand at all times. Stress melting and mood boosting. Carrying one of our favourite flavour profiles, this stuff is a must try for cannabis consumers.

On an investment note, Paris and Pistol is a micro-craft based in Agassiz, British Columbia.  We like to say “Thank You!”  for the 7 grams offering because we know it is more profitable to sell 3.5 grams, which is very unfortunate.