Strain Integrity

From Grass Monkeys Premium Cannabis, ” Lime Skunk is a well-balanced and sativa-leaning hybrid. This dynamic strain has an unparalleled citrous aroma with just a hint of skunk…. complimented by the flavor of fresh limes. It has dense green and frosty buds with tufts of orange hairs. This strain boasts both a high THC potency and a rich terpene profile dominated by Limonene, Caryophyllene and Myrcene.

THC 27-33%

CBD <1%


Craft cultivated at our indoor facility which is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Aldersyde, Alberta. Grown in small batches, carefully hand-manicured, hang dried and hand trimmed.

The Power of Terpenes – 7.18%

Lime Skunk by Grass Monkeys Premium Cannabis packaged on November 6, 2023, cost $51.39 for 7 grams with 29.715% THC 7.18% Total Terpenes and a mild gassy lime earthy pine scent.   Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

This Lime Skunk’s “high” starts during the inhalation session with a Sense of Excitement percolating on our unsuspecting brains.  Over the first 15 minutes, Lime Skunk exerted a forceful “high” to boost cerebral awareness, euphoric focus, a sense for purpose and direction, optimistic and happy.  What more do you want?  This is a Wide Eyed Skunk.  And, this is really Uplifting.

In the great outdoors, Lime Skunk brings a psychedelic intensity to the “high” with 3D sound effects and an extra lucid euphoric perspective.   There are also body effects to compliment the mental enhancements for a Full Meal Deal.   There is something in the “high” for everyone to enjoy.

Activity pairing is best as a Boost to Reality transforming the World to a Euphoric Mental Landscape.  “Ya think ya Functional but ya Not.”  Make time to enjoy.


Lime Skunk by Grass Monkeys Premium Cannabis

This purchase was motivated by the name “Grass Moneys Premium Cannabis.”  And, this Lime Skunk is making the name Grass Monkeys Premium Cannabis “Shine.”  For a smacking good time, this Lime Skunk is a potent transformative “high” delivering all the happiness in a World of Grass Monkeys.  Feel the Power of Terpenes.

THC:  29.715%

Total Terpenes: 7.18%

Quality: 9.3

Intensity: 8.9

Duration: 8.7

Total: 8.97

Cost: $51.39 for 7 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Lime Skunk by Grass Monkeys Premium Cannabis is a Bona Fide Wake & Bake.  Other competitive similar type of “highs” include Lemon Razz by Distinkt, Organic Gelato #41 by 1964, or Thin Mint Cookies by Primeau?

On an investment note, Grass Monkeys Premium Cannabis is craft-cannabis based in Aldersyde, Alberta, with a Name that attracts attention and is Memorable.  And, the Name is backed up by Awesome products.  Welcome to the Canadian Legal Cannabis market!