Strain Integrity

From Spinach. ” Grab a scoop, roll it up or put it in a bowl. Spinach® Peach Gelato dried flower brings flavours of sweet, juicy peach and creamy gelato thanks to lineage tracing back to Cake Crashers X Marionberry.

Note:  It is really hard to see a Sativa from the linage where 75% are heavy Indicas.

a Table Wine quality

Peach Gelato by Spinach (Cronos Group) packaged on September 23, 2023, cost $23.72 for 3.5 grams with 27.3% THC and a mild blend of earthy floral sour scent with a hint of hay.   Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

Peach Gelato’s “high” starts with a blissful euphoric “high” and an uplifting sensation.   Over the first 15 minutes, Peach Gelato unravels a hazy blissfulness that sweeps Us into a meditative end zone.  This is a Sativa?  LOL.  No Mas.  This is an Indica.  Buddha has entered the Room.  Peace on Earth.  Wait … someone else has entered the Room … an inspired cerebral Busy Body.  Peach Gelato is a hybrid Indica.

In the great outdoors is where Peach Gelato really Shines.  For the first hour, Peach Gelato delivered a clear refreshing euphoric view of the world against a blissful background.  Peach Gelato delivered a Sativa mental “high” with very cool blissful edge.  Feels like a variation of a Blue Dream type of “high.”

Activity pairing is best in the evening time slots.  Peach Gelato is an more of a Table wine quality to be consume when you don’t want to burn the Premiums.  If you feel like a Blue Dream type of mood, this one is for you.


Peach Gelato by Spinach (Cronos Group)

Peach Gelato by Spinach (Cronos Group) is classified as a Sativa.  But, this Peach Gelato delivers a hybrid Indica “high” with strong blissful effects indoors and a hybrid Sativa “high” outdoors.  In our humble opinion, the “high” leans more towards a Hybrid Indica “high.”

THC: 27.3%

Quality: 8.7

Intensity: 8.7

Duration: 8.6

Total: 8.67

Cost: $23.72 for 3.5 grams

Wold we buy this again?  Unlikely.  This Peach Gelato’s “high” failed to resonate with Us despite several attempts.  But, we are Fans of Spinach.  For Spinach’s Sativa, try the Diesel, Atomic Sour Grapefruit, or Pineapple Paradise Sativa?  These are much more satisfying Sativa “highs.”

On an investment note, Spinach has a lot to Brag about with their claim to be the Number 1 Flower Brand in Canada.  The Spinach medicated Vapes Brand Feelz is  also well executed and popular.  According to Canada’s largest retailer, Canna Cabana, Spinach is their Number 1 selling brand.