Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Regarded as a high-yielding, potent powerhouse from Ethos Genetics, Inzane In The Membrane is a sativa with mysterious genetics. Frosty lime-green buds are covered in orange pistils and put off a loud lemon citrus aroma that blasts through the bag. Great for any connoisseur of cerebral highs, this strain will get you moving.

From the OCS, ” Don’t you know Inzane in the Membrane is loco? Okay, let’s be real for a minute. Whether you’re taking hits from the bong, rolling one up, or hitting the dry herb vape – this sativa is going to be in your top five. Just check the track list: high THC with citrus, pine and tangy hits from the dominant caryophyllene, terpinolene and humulene terpenes. We’re talking all bops, no flops. These buds show off every shade of green and the trichome covering is so mean you’ll want to say you knew about it before it was famous. We’re predicting this one will be very popular.

Linage: Noneya x Bizness

a Hazy Blissful Disorientation

Inzane in the Membrane by Good Supply packaged November 25, 2023, cost $17.82 for 3.5 grams with 24.772% THC and a lemon scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

The “high” starts with a hazy euphoric rise transitioning to an altered state.  Over the first 15 minutes, Inzane in the Membrane’s hazzy blissfulness intensifies with increasing sedative effects and good spirits.  Other expressions include a general feeling of well being and lack of concern for anything.  On the Menu is hazy blissful disorientation.  A cheap “high.”

In the great outdoors, Inzane in the Membrane by Good Supply started with an uplifting euphoric spirit against a blissful background.  Over the first hour, this Inzane in the Membrane’s “high” can make Us disappear and reappear at our end point destination with just a Blink of an Eye.   The second hour was more tranquilisation with increasing body and mind sedation.

Activity pairing is best in the latter part of the day.  Inzane in the Membrane by Good Supply delivers a disorientating blissful “high” at a Cheap price.  Cheap “high.”


Inzane in the Membrane by Good Supply (Tilray/Aphria)

Inzane in the Membrane by Good Supply review was motivated by the past review of Inzane in the Membrane by Safari Flower Co.  Unfortunately, Inzane in the Membrane by Good Supply failed to satisfy our appetite for this amazing strain.  From Good Supply, we would recommend their Golden Goat for a better Sativa “high.”

THC:  24.772%

Quality: 8.6

Intensity: 8.6

Duration: 8.5

Total:  8.57

Cost: $17.82 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  For us, No.  This version failed to replicate Inzane in the Membrane’s “high” from Safari Flower Co.  But, the Safari Flower Co. cost twice as much.  Unfortunately, the difference is Night and Day.  And, we are Victims of our own Expectations.   This is, however, a Cheap “high.”

On an investment note, Good Supply is the 3rd largest selling brand at Canna Cabaña, Canada’s largest retailer, behind Spinach and Fraser Valley Weed.  Good Supply is Tilray’s biggest cannabis Brand.