Strain Integrity

From Wildlife Cannabis Co., ” Blackberry Gelato is fruit forward, with undertones of fuel, Canadian maple, and mulled spices. This easy-smoking cultivar has a Caryophyllene-dominant terpene profile to add a hint of black pepper and spice. Limonene, Farnesene and Linalool exaggerate the light-but-fruity overall flavour, rounded out with Myrcene.

Genetics: Blackberry Kush x Jet Fuel Gelato

Blissful Cocooning in progress ….

Blackberry Gelato by Wildlife Cannabis Co. packaged on November 22, 2023, cost $27.37 for 10 x 0.3 gram Pre-rolls with a spicy fruit earthy peppery scent.  Our test amount was 1 x 0.3 g Pre-roll.

The “high” starts at the end of the inhalation session with a blissful euphoric transformation of Reality.  Over the first 15 minutes, Blackberry Gelato delivered an increasing Blissful intensity to shut down any cerebral activity with sedative effectiveness.  Awareness drops down to a “As Needed Basis” only.  Blissful cocooning in progress ….

In the great outdoors, Blackberry Gelato started with a clear blissful awakening and euphoric “high.”  Over the first half hour, Blackberry Gelato slowly becomes more sedating.  Notable effects include Blackberry Gelato’s ability to amplify Empathy and make Music really sing.  Or, maybe we just had some really good tunes on.

Activity pairing is best in the evening time slots.  Blackberry Gelato by Wildlife Cannabis Co. is an effective sedative “high” that is easy to use.  Just light up.


Blackberry Gelato by Wildlife Cannabis Co. (Medipharm Labs Corp.)

Medipharm Labs Corp is one of our Favourite Cannabis oil producer.  And, Wildlife Cannabis Co is Medipharm Lab’s Pre-roll Brand.  This Blackberry Gelato pre-roll by Wildlife Cannabis Co. delivers the medicated sedation “high” with just a Light.

THC: 25.2%

Quality: 8.8

Intensity: 8.8

Duration: 8.7

Total: 8.77

Cost: $27.37 for 10 x 0.3 gram Pre-rolls

Would we buy this again?  Maybe.  Puff’s review of the Blackberry Gelato by Wildlife Cannabis Co. Flower appears to be slightly better.  But, the ease of use for pre-roll is absolutely undeniable.  And, this Blackberry Gelato delivers a very effective sedative “high” on demand.

On an investment note, Medipharma acquired Wildlife Cannabis Corp. when Shelter Market declared bankruptcy in 2022.  As a result, Wildlife Cannabis Corp. is still producing as a premium craft grower delivering a Satisfying experience.   Good job, Medipharma.