Puff The Magic Guide to CannExpo 2024

Greeting’s Puff Community!

Taking place at Toronto’s Enercare Centre on March 22nd-24th of 2024 is an opportunity for Cannabis consumers to celebrate and participate in enjoying Cannabis. The Cannexpo is a unique event that offers access to multiple facets of the Canadian Cannabis Industry. Unlike other events such as the Hall of Flowers, which is exclusive to people who work in the industry, CannExpo is open to everyone!

Come and Meet Puff The Magic and your favourite LPs, retailers, Industry pros and fellow Connoisseurs all under one roof!

Showcasing the Craft Cannabis Community

Cannabis consumers will get a chance to meet craft Brands from across Canada with a Focus on local Ontario craft cultivators.  This is an opportunity to meet the people behind familiar Brands bringing Satisfaction to cannabis consumers.  In addition, CannExpo also brings Pioneers in Cannabis industry delivering new services and products to the attention of consumers.

This is a comprehensive summary of the CannExpo 2024 exhibitors.  Craft Producers are identified by tag.

1337 Elite – Defined is “Users with elite status on BBSs had the widest access to the system and usually had to be the best hackers in order to achieve that level of access—hence 1337 as slang for “skilled,” in contrast to n00b, or newbie. Elite was modified to leet, then written with numbers as 1337 (1 for L, 3 for E, and 7 for T).” Premium dried flowers.

Amoretti – A leading supplier of natural paste, compounds, extracts and concentrates, premium flavouring to produce Cannabis edibles.

ASPIRE Infusions Inc. – “SPARK Moonshot is a fast-acting sublingual extract designed to quickly dispense water-soluble THC made for the outgoing explorer in you.” Master Infusers producing magical moments.

Axea – Delivers an innovative line of infused wellness with Green Tea CBD Moisturizer, Pink Himalayan CBD Bath Salts, Be-Well CBG Isolate, Nighttime CBN+CBD Isolate oil and so many more. Harnessing the effects of the Herb.

Bennysworld420 – Bringing Rolling Papers and Limited Edition Grinders from the United Kingdom. Consuming Weed UK style.

Bloomer – A purveyor of Specialty biodegradables wax filter tips and sweet banana leaf cones rolling paper to enhance consumption experience. Taking cannabis rolling to the Next Level.

Blunts & Beans | Camp Canna –  “The ultimate summer camp experience provides an inclusive, intergenerational and unique adventure for the cannabis community creating space for the legal market to build intimate bonds with the members of the community.” Pushing the Frontiers in creating Cannabis communities.

Boston Beer  – “We’re The Boston Beer Company, best known as the brewers of Samuel Adams, Twisted Tea, and Angry Orchard Cider. In 2022, we created TeaPot a line of 5mg cannabis-infused iced teas now available across Ontario. Visit our booth for samples and to learn about new styles launching in 2024.” 

Boveda Inc. – Needs no introduction. Boveda is helpful in maintaining Flower freshness. Checkout their booth just in case they have Samples.

Bzz Box – Brings a selection of well crafted Stash Boxes complete with The Bzz Hygrometer Stash Jar for an organised and enhanced cannabis inventory. Storing and organising Cannabis is serious business.

Canmar – “A driving force in championing the Cannabis, Hemp, and Psychedelics (CHP) space …. offers comprehensive recruitment, education training and licensing services, supporting businesses in cannabis, psychedelics, hemp, wellness and other regulated sectors across North America.” Streamlining the Cannabis, Hemp & Psychedelic space.

Cannabis MarketSpace – The Cannabis Industry Buy & Sell. Looking for Equipment, Canadian Cannabis Micro License and Standard License, Service Providers or just looking for Jobs in the industry, Cannabis MarketSpace is delivering.

Cannabis Retailer – The Business Magazine providing the Data trends and market analysis specifically for Retailers. “Cannabis Retailer helps store owners set up and run a legal recreational cannabis business. As a new retail sector, store owners have a lot of questions about the industry and Cannabis Retailer is an important resource providing articles on topics ranging from human resources to operations and marketing.” Looking at Reality through the Data.

Cannapulse Dispensary Magazine – A Magazine created by BudTenders for BudTenders. This newly minted publication shines the Spotlight on the Cannabis Industry from a BudTenders perspective, which is cannabis engaging. Find the Buzz.

CanJah Pharm Inc. – From an MMAR based in Barrie, Ontario, there are 3 unique strains coming to market from CannJah, Tectonic Truffle, PeachQuake and Peaches En Regalia. Check out these Crafties. 

CannMart|Roilty –  All about affordable Cannabis concentrates.  CannMart produces the Roilty concentrates. If you are a fan of Shatter, Sugar Wax, Live Resin and Vape concentrates, Roilty is the Name to check out. 

CannSell Ontario – Ontario Leader in cannabis retail training, a Provincially recognized course, is a required Certification for anyone working as a BudTender. Any cannabis consumer with aspirations to be a BudTender will have to complete the CannSell Standard.

CBGTV – A Pioneer in creating a Cannabis Internet TV channel focused on Cannabis. This is only the Beginning and the Best is yet to come. Tune in to this New Reality.

Chef Jordan Wagman –  Through dealing with personal health issues, Chef Jordan Wagman has focused and developed “ the use of cannabis in food  primarily for health and wellness.”   Explore the world of fine culinary with a dash of herbal goodness for a healthier life.

Cody VanGogh – An Ottawa Joint Rolling Celebrity who “has gone on to make elaborate designs like a ship-in-a-bottle for the likes of Snoop Dogg and Machine Gun Kelly.” Meet the Legend.

DaMaMaps – “大麻味试DaMaWish.com is the first and No.1 legal Cannabis related Chinese social media and e-Commerce Technology Influence Company based in Toronto, Canada. We provide an online legal social network communication platform for the global Chinese community.” The global expansion of Cannabis.

Detonate – “Since 2015, Detonate has shaped the look and direction of North America’s cannabis industry through print and packaging design, trade show booths, and in-store pop-ups and displays.” Amplifying the Cannabis Presence.

Disciplined Stoners – A dynamic Duo exploring “the intersectionality of cannabis and wellness. Our mission is to explore mindful rituals such as meditation and how cannabis may play a role in elevating a self-help or self-development practice.”

Frankie Smoke – All about Premium devices for the consumption of cannabis built to last the test of time. Frankie Smoke accessories are for the Cannabis consumer who likes to be Expressive and be Pampered.

Jublee – Delivers Curated “highs” through a broad selection of Fruit Bites edibles produced by Gayonica. Alexandre Therrien, PhD in physical chemistry, is the Operation Manager of Gayonica. Excellence in the Science of Extraction.

GMLL Pharma Inc. – Currently has two Premium Pre-rolls in the Market, Fruity Haze – Luxury by Fatcat and Cherry Pie OG Kush by Smokes. Try a full-bodied world class smoking experience.

Great White North Growers – Based in Montreal, Quebec, with a growing portfolio of cannabis products also provide distribution, sourcing, and transportation services for a number of well known brands like Hazo and Red Market, The Legacy Market and Retro Haze, to name a few.

Green Joy – Based in Quebec and a Karma Cup 2023 Finalist with their Grape Galena.  Adequately aroused?

Green Prospect Farm – Produces the fattest Seeds available only in Ontario. With names like Cotton Candied Peanut, Whack Grape and Lava Fruit, to name a few, who doesn’t want to grow Weed?

Grow Up Conference – A huge Celebration of Growing cannabis with the 9th Grow Up Toronto on May 27 -29, 2024.  This is the next cannabis conference to attend.

High Flyer Media – The people driving Brands like EastCann, Rosin Heads, The Legacy Market, Ono, Woodyz, Irie, Smoker Farms and Hashco are some clients of High Flyer Media.  FYI, these Brands are some of the most impressive Brands on the Cannabis Market.

High Moon Magazine – A beautiful cannabis digital publication following the Lunar Cycle. Editor-in-Chief Jessica Hope brings a different Cannabis perspective to High Moon Magazine.

Humber College – Humber College will be introducing a new research project involving Pharmacists as Cannabis Educators.  It’s important to understand the drug interactions Cannabis may have with prescription medicine. CBD, for example, may inhibit some of your CYP enzymes which are responsible for metabolising various pharmaceutical drugs.  “Yes” to learning something about ourselves.

Ichor Inc. – The team at Ichor specialise in extracts and concentrates. They provide Wholesale Concentrates, Extraction services, Tolling services and formulating products with the ability for large scale production. Ichor is Greek for “a fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods”   The Maverick Hash by Statesman (Ichor) at Puff was one of the best Hashish reviewed.

Jocelyn’s Soil Booster – Jocelyn’s soil booster for Cannabis is Worm casting manure they advertise as “probiotics” for your Cannabis. These worm castings feed microbes in your soil and provide an array of benefits.

Life in Pink – Jesse Paul is a Digital creator and a Professional Photographer.  Jesse has worked with Kevin Hart, the Wu-Tang Clan on different projects and Sensi Magazine in the Cannabis industry.

Majoun – These guys are interesting! Right from their website “Majoun is a traditional cannabis-infused confection with a rich and fascinating history that originated in ancient Persia (modern day Iran). The first known hashish-infused confection, majoun is the original edible.”

Nuances Mj – Operating out of an Old Prison, these guys have managed to become one of the top Pre Roll manufacturers in Quebec and Eastern Ontario in just one Year! Come to them for your Pre-Roll needs!

Oceanic Releaf Inc. – Located on the Burin Peninsula of NewFoundland, Oceanic Releaf is a fully integrated Cannabis powerhouse. With one cultivation facility and 8 retail stores across the province, their aim is to empower the plant through local partnerships with wellness practitioners & lifestyle brands. Keeping employment local, they are looking to bring positive change to their communities.

OCS – The OCS is the exclusive wholesaler to the Ontario Cannabis Market.  This is the Chance to let them know your thoughts on Legal Cannabis.  Looking for Consumption Lounges in Ontario.

Ontario Micro Growers – If you don’t know these guys by now you’re going to want to stop by their booth. OMG brings multiple Micro producers in Ontario to Market all under one roof. Featuring strains like The RSO Legacy cut and Loudmouth, these guys bring rare cultivars to the masses. 

Organic Cannabis Clothing – A new Cannabis themed clothing Brand is joining us at CannExpo! They offer 6 different clothing lines to choose from all of which have their own set of Tee’s, Hoodies and sweats. Their Flagship line is “The Joint is Canoeing” featuring a Joint in a Canoe. Check them out for some cool gear!

Parents Against Driving High – Global News published an article in 2023 featuring a study that looked at Cannabis related traffic injuries over the span of 11 years. According to the study, there has been a 475% increase since 2010. At Puff, we know “Time Dilation” is a “high” effect that is dangerous at 120 kph.  It is worth hearing what they have to say.

Peak Pharms Labs – Focused on Women health and wellness with Cannabis as medicinal, Peak Pharms Labs offers cannabinoid-based therapies to manage symptoms affecting your sexual health. These therapies deal with conditions of endometriosis, adenomyosis, menstrual pain and pain with intercourse. Improve Sexual Health!

Primeau Cannabis is a craft grower based in Guelph, Ontario. Meet Wallace McDonald, Founder, CEO & Master Grower of Primeau Cannabis.  When you are a small craft grower, you do everything including marketing Primeau at CannExpo.     

Proofly – More than just the leading topical brand in the Market, Proofly actually has a Sister company named freshDAYLY that provides everything from Tooth Paste to Makeup Remover and even Bars of Soap! They also have one other brand Named C Minor which specialises in High-potency Oil Drops and Soft Gels. More than just a wake and bake.

Puff The Magic –  Your favourite cannabis review website in Canada with over 1.6 million views and over 750 reviews.  After 5 years, we decided it was time to go outside and take a breath of fresh air.  See you soon.

Pufiflor Ent. – Pufiflor Enterprise Incorporated has two Brands, Cactus and Retro Haze. Retro Haze has a signature container for their Bud that when re-assembled, functions as a Grinder as well! Under Cactus, they have a beautiful Black Triangle that features the legendary G13 Haze. Good Smoke, Good Company.

Rosinstar – Bringing out their Wilson Papaya this spring, RosinStar has some of the best solventless concentrates on the market. They have won multiple awards from Legacy to Legal. The journey continues.

Royal Cannabis Supply – Royal Cannabis Supply is an Ontario based Craft Grower exemplifying the move from Legacy to Legal delivering Quality products. They have had the best rendition of I.C.C for two years running and continue to drop absolute fire. These guys are a must visit.  

Sana’s – Sana’s translates to “Work of Art” in swahili and “Heal” in Spanish. Coming out of Miramichi, NB, Sana’s specialises in High-end Craft Cannabis. Featuring strains like Dysfunction Junction from CSI Humboldt and Florida Sunrise by Jungle Boys, these guys are certainly growing Fire.

Sense & Purpose – Specialising in beverages, Sense & Purpose brings a wellness aspect to their brand while cultivating special moments to consume. All of their drinks were created with “Sense & Purpose” meaning each one has specific times of the day when it will be best appreciated. They even suggest pairing options for an all out sensory experience. Wovven, The brands LP – has an embedded Social Impact Program that focuses on Female Empowerment & Entrepreneurialism and 2SLGBQ+ workplace inclusion initiatives.

Sensi Magazine – A Cannabis wellness lifestyle whose Editor-In-Chief, Stephanie Wilson, is a New York Times Award winning author.

Sess Holdings – Coming straight from the 6 with brands like Cali, 1spliff, and The Zip. Sess Holdings has great brands that are grown at a Craft Level. If you’re looking for a Good Mmmosa strain, Cali has you covered.

Six Nations Cannabis Commission – This commission was launched with the goal to engage and empower the Six Nations Cannabis community. Through education and safety, their goal is to encourage sound environmental practices and community improvement through contributions.

Smoke Arsenal – Smoke arsenal offers a variety of accessories at an affordable price. They are Canada’s largest distributor of premium smoking and vaping products. Truly, a Smoke Arsenal.

Tadu – A unique background and expertise in traditional medicine pharmaceutical manufacturing and the use of cannabis as an ingredient in such medicines. The founder’s dedication to the knowledge of the middle eastern cannabis cultivar, which could potentially lead to innovative and specialized products.

Terps & Rec. – These retailers are doing something no one else is, utilising climate controlled storage for all of their flower and concentrates. They also guarantee only the freshest of products available on the market. A worthy shopping experience.

The Censored Canvas – Featuring Stunning Hand drawn pencil artwork of nug shots and plant photos, The Censored Canvas is a must visit for those looking to add some weed themed art to their smoke space or home.

The Drip Flavour Club – One of the hottest premium craft cannabis on the Market.  The Banana Cream x Jealy is a Must Try.   

The Legacy Market – The Legacy Market has brought some fire to the Cannabis scene over the last year. Working with select Micro and Standard cultivators, they hunt out some of the best genetics across Canada to bring to the Ontario Market. All Eyez on me. 

The Reef Store by The Lake – Owned and operated by the wauzhushk onigum first nation.  A Cannabis Dispensary located in Kenora Ontario.

The Tattour – Canada’s First ever mobile Tattoo Parlour will be at the event!  Tattour’s ” vision is to set new standards in the industry while fostering creativity, self-expression, and a sense of community. ” Looking Amazing!

Topia – If you’re looking to increase operational efficiency you will want to check out Topia. Dubbed the leading global talent mobility platform, Topia allows HR employees to effectively deploy, manage and engage with employees across the world.  Making it Easy to pay attention to Details.

Turning Point Brands – These guys market and distribute alternative smoking accessories and products. Featuring brands like Clipper and Zig-Zag – they got you covered for your wholesale needs.

Ufeelu – UfeelU is taking oils and capsules without the THC. Using a blend of isolates in their formulas, their oils feature minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and CBC with a blend of their terpene formulations. All the benefits of Cannabis without the Buzz.

Victoria Cannabis Company – Growing traditional Craft BC Cannabis from the Island of Vancouver, Victoria Cannabis will be worth checking out. Strains such as Pomelo Skunk, After Eigth and Star Child are currently on the market. The best from the west.