Strain Integrity

According to, ” Sorbetto is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the classic Zkittlez X Sunset Sherbet X Magnum Opus strains. Perfect for any fan of a super fruity flavor, Sorbetto features a lifting and long-lasting high that’s perfect for getting focused and moving on any task that you have at hand, be it physical or mental. The high starts with a lifted effect that fills you with a tingly happiness and a sense of focus. As your mind expands into this cerebral state, your body will begin to settle into a deeply relaxed physical feeling that leaves you slightly couch-locked and immovable although totally happy about it. You’ll still be able to get up and moving if need be, but you’ll be totally pain-free in the process....  ”

From Blunt & Cherry, ” Cultivated with care in living soil, Sorbetto Sunset (Hyperion) is a hybrid indica. Sorbetto Sunset has powerful skunky, citrus and cheesy aromas with a gassy smell from the White Caviar influence. During flowering, the plant will take on beautiful colours ranging from purple to black. This genetic was obtained by pairing two strains: the hybrid (Maddyverox x White Caviar) and Sorbetto. Sorbetto (Sunset Sherbet x Zktlz x F10 Magnum Opus) is famous for its large trichome production and strong gassy terpene profile from the Zktlz side of the cross. Selected on the fourth generation, this cut differs from its sisters due to the presence of a subtle combination of exotic fruits and candy.

Happiness in the Air

Sorbetto Sunset LSO by Fuga packaged February 9, 2024, cost $37.23 for 3.5 grams with 25.318% THC 4.34% Total Terpenes and a mixture of grapey petroleum scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 gram.

With a flavourful inhalation session, Sorbetto Sunset LSO’s “high” starts with a Blissful Hello transforming our perceptions to be more forgiving and understanding.  Because, there is Happiness in the Air.   Sorbetto Sunset triggers a Warm Joy similar to the Joy from watching a Sunset.  The “high” is calming, blissful, euphoric, and cerebral.  Bliss is on the Main Menu.

In the great outdoors, Sorbetto Sunset delivered a hybrid “high” with a clear blissful lucid cerebral reimagination of Reality.  Imagine a more Blissful Blue Dream and we have Sorbetto Sunset.

Activity pairing is best at the end of the day to settle down and enjoy life.  Sorbetto Sunset is a classic Indica “high” delivering the Blessing from the Heavens.  A Mental Spa.


Sorbetto Sunset LSO by Fuga

Sorbetto Sunset by Fuga is a new cultivar from this Living Soil Organic cultivator.   From our first review of Fuga’s Mandarin Cookies two years ago, we have been  Fans of Fuga.  This Sorbetto Sunset should be a Hit with Indica fans.

THC:  25.318%

Total Terpenes: 4.34%

Quality: 9.3

Intensity: 8.8

Duration: 8.7

Total:  8.93

Cost:  $37.23 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Sorbetto Sunset by Fuga is a well rendered classic Indica “high” rich with Happiness and Blissfulness.  Similar options include Cake Crusher by Naked Mummer, Titanimal by Truro, or Pink Kush by EastCann?

On an investment note, Fuga has been delivering quality LSO cannabis since legalisation.  This Trend continues with Sorbetto Sunset, a new cultivar addition to their minimalistic offering.